summer brunch

This week's topic at Tine Wiggen's Studio Friday:
Summer Brunch!
Since I enjoy regular peeking there... I thought I would join in! I'm a newbie!

A Triscuit. . . a Triscuit . . . how I love golden Triscuits! The "fire roasted tomato" & "roasted garlic" are my favorites! I'm kind of crazy over them! With some sharp cheddar cheese and fresh fruit . . . it will have your taste buds dancing! A tasty. . . terrific. . . trio!


lee said...

welcome to your first post. I also love triscuits but I like it cheese, hard, old cheese....

Going For Greatness said...

Welcome to Studio Friday!!
Yummy!! I LOVE Triscuits, grapes and cheese! DELICIOUS!!!