for the love of school supplies!

I have always been a sucker for school supplies! I remember vividly shopping for school supplies as a kid! I am sure my moms recalls it very well too... she was great taking us to each & every store until we found JUST the right notebooks, folders and such! The thrill of getting home and unpacking it all... getting it all ready for the big day! Awwwwe! I loved it!

There are sooooo many great paper products out now. Have you taken a stroll down the school supply isle at target? It will make your head spin with glee!

To be a kid again... NO WAY !!!
I'll take the wrinkles & gray hair any day!

All of these pretties can be found at see Jane work!

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Anonymous said...

I love buying school supplies. Our school district doesn't let us buy all the fun stuff; we pretty much have to stick with the plain, colored notebooks and spirals. It doesn't matter though, my kids haven't complained...yet, and I really love hitting all the sales after July 4th.

I have a three drawer plastic bin that is stuffed with supplies. I honestly have enough school supplies to last both of my children until they get into high school. That's saying something considering that one is in elementary and one is in middle school.

I guess you can say I get a bit obsessed with the smell of a new box of crayons. :)