way back... wednesday

Little bit is three today!

When you came into the world you were as sweet as can be... a simple, really easy going baby. Great sleeper but a hungry little beaver. You have become a real firecracker... a fun, bright, determined & bold delight! Still sweet as can be just with a twist! A twist of lime. Actually... lime was your first real taste of food (does that count as food)... your Aunt Sophi gave you that first joy... you LOVED it!

You are a true blessing & a real gift from God! How I got this gift... amazes me! Happy Birthday little bee!

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KJ said...

Aww, this entry made me tear up, SO sweet, but such a reminder of how fast they grow up.

That picture of your two little adorables together is just about the sweetest picture I've ever seen!

Good luck on your move. I hope everything goes super smoothly!