seeing pumpkins

This week's topic for Studio Friday September 21st suggested by Ascender: THE BEGINNING...

Back to the "first creative steps" we all took...I'm curious to see what they looked like for us all.

Well... I am going to share this week even though it might be a rough fit... you gals are WAY talented! I think for me, the first time I really went out on a limb creatively was one Fall about five years ago! There must have been a really crisp breeze in the air because my mom & and went nuts with pumpkins! We made hundreds of fun & festive pumpkins! The best part was that others went nuts for the pumpkins too! We sold them like they were hot pumpkin-cakes! We had soooo much fun! Great memories! The pumpkins gave me a big boost... I was off and running! These are just a few of the fun creations we pulled together.

So then... Thanksgiving rubbed off on Christmas and I decided to keep the fun rolling! Loads & loads of wreaths and festive decor up to my ears! It was a blast!

I think I am a growing into a creative individual! I LOVE the creative process... experience! I am at my best & best at being me when I can create!

Now... when our house sells & we make our move... I will be itching to get unpacked and get back to creating! I miss creating for the shop!


AscenderRisesAbove said...

I came here to see your entry and got pulled in to your photographs... (and just how adorable are those two little girls???!) and then got pulled into your fun homepage; you have some fun stuff and I really like the homepage design - it makes me itch to change mine as I havent worked on it in such a long time

Krissie said...

I love those photos! nice memories too!

Anke said...

Who says your are not 'talented'? Hey, common those decorations are beautiful! And it counts as art as well, so don't be shy, you are talented for sure!