simply marvelous...

was my package i received yesterday in the mail! I was the wiener over at Lanny's Simply Me! I am all smiles this morning sipping on my Starbucks coffee! So fun too... it is the bold blend... I have never tried it before... what a treat! Thank you SO MUCH Lanny! SO super great to even get a Starbucks gift card! wow wee... yippee for ME! :)

Go ahead you can say it... that IS the coolest button ever! So great! NEED COFFEE! I need to pin that to my robe!

Here's to a BOLD blend of a day!
Bold in bounce... BOLD in attitude and BOLD in fun!
dig out a scoop & enjoy!


Melissa Ellen said...

I'm just wondering how Lanny got my mugshot (need coffee) and mailed it in your package? I mean - I live in VA. You can seriously find anything on the internet - no privacy - whatsoever ;)

Hope you have a good day - and enjoy that coffee. You won fair and square!

Amy said...

Love it! I'm off to enjoy my first cup of the day...it's been brewin....ah, I can smell it!

Yay for winning!

Simply Me... said...

Yeah, I'm sooo happy you got your coffee, hope your enjoy for afew mornings! is that a cool pin or what, got it in a cool shop! going to see sex in the city tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gini said...

oh carissa - yes, the button rocks! but starbucks rocks even more. And by the way - once you go BOLD, you never go back.....

gordostyle said...

Congrats! Drink some for me! ;O)

Caffeinated Smiles,

Shawn said...

Just got off the phone with Lanny and she said if I get a chance I had to check out your post about the coffee. :) I'm so behind on my blog reading so this was nice to pop in and first of all see cupcakes (TOTALLY okay for lunch in the grand scheme of things - no doubt) and then the sweet post about Lanny's prize. Isn't she just the sweetest? And I was with her when she bought that fabulous button. I SO wanted it myself but I'm not a coffee drinker so it didn't quite fit for me but isn't it the coolest?! So great to catch up and see new adorable photos of your girls and the photos from your studio further down. You've got such style and character in everything you do it's inspiring. :) Hope you're havin' a great week. Congrats on bein' the weiner. :)

Take care,

Shawn :)