a pig... a fish... some bird feet

riding the piggie to the market

fishing... in her Danica Patrick t-shirt... fitting

bird feet makes it cuter... i think

Well... it wasn't a HUGE weekend... but I think it was just right!
Just the right amount of good!

Daddy was able to squeeze in a quick fishing adventure with the girls and they BOTH caught a bitty fish! yeah... now that was GOOD!

Summer... yes... but I am still feeling a bit of that Monday madness! Time to get busy!

So... hey... hello... Monday you! Even though you greet us with a bit of rush... we like you... you get us going... you've got ME going!

Here's to a get up & go day! A start to all the GOOD this week holds! LOL


Simply Me... said...

Ahhh Monday, mine is all over yeah now time to relax and enjoy! hope yours will soon be over...


C said...

LOOOOOOOOOve the BIRD can!! Where did you get that? I think I need one!

Sara Mincy said...

Cute bird feet! Happy Monday to you too!

Hipmomofboyz said...

Enjoy your Monday, we are still in school and don't get out until Wed. of this week.
I love the cute bird can. Did you make that? I bet you did as talented as you are....

Jenn said...

HoW CUTE is that little birdie feet planter!!! You are so good:) I'm off and runnin' too! I think I got MOST of what I needed to do today finished;)

Happy week to you!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

bird feet...
i was lucky enough to have those funny bird feet from another piece that had broken. i kept the feet... i so loved them! when we lived in ohio... i was on an old can kick... have bunches of them. thought it might be funny to add those feet to one of them. he's a cutie! :) i really wish i could find some more feet! :)

Melissa Ellen said...

I remember my Daddy daughter fishing trips - soooo fun!

I hope you squeeze ome "me time" in soon - run, enjoy a garnet glass, sleep - whatever it may be that you want at that very moment.

The bird feet def. set that off. SO cute.

Cute-T: Danica Patrick is so pretty - and she seems really smart...not to mention, she's so brave! I think she's a good role model for strong little girls - even if they don't want to be a race car driver - she proves we can make it.

Alright, my comments are getting longer and longer - this means we need to plan a beach trip and just take a week to CHAT, RELAX, ENJOY!

BTW - love ya too - bunches. Have a great week!

Gypsy at Heart said...

This is too cute for words. You have to mass make them. I'll buy you like ten. I'm sure they'd be a hit at schools too. How about different types of feet also, duck feet, giraffe legs (that'd make a tall planter)?
On another note, I just got back. The trip went really well but I was so unable to get into your blog from there. Sometimes I'd start reading and my connection would go down. Missed being able to comment too. So here you have me finally, getting a good dose of your words and sunniness Carissa.

Gini said...

the can with the bird feet...my all time favorite thing on your blog!!! and you got some cute stuff, girl.....love love love the feet!

gordostyle said...

The birdie feet are the PUUUUUURRRRRfect touch!


knackstudio said...

I know this may seem monotonous, but the birdie planter is fantastic!! If you make more would you let me know? I need one for my desk at the studio:) Have a great rest of the week!!

The Queen's Castle said...

Stop being so darn cute! Cuteness is only allowed if you're home... so you can make 2 of everything.