way back... wednesday

seriously... bozo!
It WAS in style! was!
This was was taken my senior year in high school
at a mother & daughter tea in Pearland TX.
My mom looks really good... normal!
She could actually carry that look today!
And then there is me... sailor gal!
I must have loved that outfit... I wore it to a tea! Scary!

Here's to a big wednesday...
BIG like my bozo hair!
I'm off to go grab another BIG cup of coffee &
give BIG hugs to the chickadees!


HipMomma said...

That do was in way back when. And I would have thought that outfit was a school uniform. You look awfully cute!

Trish said...

Oh my goodness...I had that same hair. If I can find my senior picture I'll email it to you or post it on my blog.

Simply Me... said...

I'm laughing my head off girl! that is darn cute I must say!


Christine said...

lol... you are so cute. so funny and what a great way to start a blog post!

hope your having a amazinly BIG day; full of joy, energy (outside of the BiG coffee buzz), inspiration, love, joy, and accomplishment.

Hipmomofboyz said...

OMG,,,I can remember dragging my mom to the mall cuz I had to have a sailor shirt, there were so hip at the time, and you look so in-style...
p.s. love the hair

Anonymous said...

Okay friend, I knew you then! You were SO hip and cool.....cute to boot!!! Happy day to you!!!

Hipmomofboyz said...

I was thinking about you this week in Co. I know you had a posting about how dry your skin is, well that is how I felt in Co. It was like I was an alligator and my skin was all dried up.

Heidi Zawisza said...

LOVE the hair! It totally ROCKS!! ha!ha!...........But, kuddos to you for having the guts to post. I have HIDEOUS pictures of myself somewhere......WAY worse than your hair!! ha!ha! if I can find them, I will have to post them sometime!

Melissa Ellen said...

coffee and chickadee hugs - LOVE!

I think you are beautiful. Your mom is killer cute too!

Umm. Sorry I've been MIA - life has been crazy.

Love and Hugs my BEF friend!


The Queen's Castle said...

Love the outfit, love the hair, love you. I'm glad I still live in Texas where big hair is always in :)

You're right, your mom always looks good.