ah chihuahua...

What better to do for lil bit's birthday...
than go see a movie!
She is a movie FREAK like her DADDY!

you gotta go see it...
especially if you're a dog lover!
Too cute!
LoVEd it!

twizzlers or nerds... hmmmm

all set
why the heck did i not get a pic of my TUB of popcorn...
bigger than all get out

after the movie...
"let's go to the park"

she actually POSED for this...
she NEVER poses... like her SISTER! :)

hanging FREE

make a wish


now... for dinner... REALLY

one word... precious

banana splits... DINNER

she DID have some ice cream with her SPRINKLES!



SUGAR bopping HIGH

we ended the night playing her new FAVORITE game!

it was a simply sensational saturday!


Honorary Indian said...

Oh, how we love ZINGO!!!

Looks like the most perfect celebration ever.

Simply Me... said...

yeah! looks like a fun day! love all the great pictures, thanks for sharing your day with us!

Lanny :o)

CourtneyP said...

How cute. Zingo is our family favorite game too!!!

Beth said...

I was catching up on your blog today......You have some great stuff! From great pictures of your birthday girl both old and new. Cool angle of the tree and love the art and the books! Sounds like you had a fun week!

Rachel said...

What a great day and what a wonderful mom you are...a day filled with all her faves! You ROCK!

MGF said...

Zingo is one of my boys favorite games. He sounds like a blast.

cjs said...

birthday cake shots are the bomb. and the leaf one? so cool.
you are a wonderful mom, making both big and little days so special. I am inspired.

hope you had a weekend as wonderful as you are, brown eyed fox.

Dancing Queen said...

oh, do our kiddos want to see that movie!! the trailer looks hilarious! glad it was a fun, special time! we love zingo too!

Gordostyle said...

Looks like a PERFECT birthday!

Here's to many more!


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!! Zingo... I haven't heard of that one. Happy Birthday Riley!!


Trish said...

My daughter and I saw the High School Musical 3 movie this weekend. I cried -- it reminded me of simpler times. And oh that Zac Effron is so cute! We'll probably see Beverly Hills Chihuahua this weekend. The weather is getting cold here so the indoor activities are starting.

Gini said...

What a fantastic day for all!!! My favorite pic is the one with her and the 4 candles in the sundae - her expression is priceless!! Looks like nice weather for the park.

Melissa Ellen said...

Happy Belated Riley! You're a cutie :)

Umm - those pictures are totally awesome. totally cute. I'm glad she posed for that one cause its super duper colorful cute