We had one of those weekends...

stayed & played close to home.

I had so much i wanted to get done...
not sure what happened...
where the time went...
things are messier than ever...
and i think my list is even bigger now!

remember these pink foam curlers?
they're still around!

camille (doll) had to have curlers too mama!

pillow surfing

a friend stayed over...
"pleeeeeease mom... can she stay...
we have to roast marshmallows...
and it has to be dark"

saw this determined flower hanging in there

outside... we transplanted our potted plants

prepped for winter...
prepped for Spring to come.

she loves to water the plants... my little helper


we ended last night with a mild temper tantrum.

So... even though i'm not ready for you...
hello Monday!
Hey... we've got a big day ahead!

And get this... it is 26 degrees outside this morning!
oh yes!
that's nuts!
plain nuts!

I'm off to don some really soft... fluffy... warm clothes
and get these girlies going!

happy Monday!


Carmen said...

Burrr! Stay warm. I don't miss those freezing mornings at all.

Great pictures. Love the rollers. Too adorable!

Melissa Ellen said...

I LOVE all the pictures. You look especially pretty in yours though. I love that hat! Where'd ya get it?

I'm ready to work on those boxes whenever you are :)

Hugs gf!

April said...

Mild temper tantrum....Hmmm..looks familiar.

Enjoy you Cold Monday !!

Simply Me... said...

Brrrr is right! it's 82 degrees here and I hate it I want Fall not summer! Looks like you had a week-end fill with some fun! My hubby's first day at his new job he's called me on every break so far! he saids things are going well! yeah... Take care, Lanny.

katie said...

girl you look YOUNG!

feeling the chill in the northwest but certainly not 26 degrees!

my kids said this morning "don't you just HATE mondays!?" ummmmm,no i love them!

Liz said...

Wow, wish you could send just a tiny bit of that cold weather our way! I do remember those pink rollers, and I also remember waking up feeling like I had roller shaped bruises all over my head! But the curls were pretty.

Love your hat btw.

Honorary Indian said...


26 degrees?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm hoping for 60. With no humidity.

I'm lucky if we get down to 80 these days.

But, I feel a change comin' on...maybe Texas will cool down by November...

Anonymous said...

Carrisssaaa... love it!! I can't believe you are in a stocking cap already!! I'm jealous!!

and yes... I remember those pink curlers!! So fun!

Come and see my new blog design!! I did is myself, sistah!!

cjs said...

those weekends are the best.
and so are warm, fluffy clothes.
and your cute little hat.

hope you had a great monday.


Beth said...

I remember those pink curlers.....I have some pictures just like that!

Love your hat!

Love the picture of the one live flower!

Christine said...

Those rollers I LOVE IT! burrr thats cold! I LOVE LOVE the picture of you and the hat... its beautiful!