13 on friday the 13th...

thirteen things this morning that have already made me say "awe... what a great day"...

1. waking up rEsTed... YES
2. cinnamon bun creamer in my cOffee
3. cOffee... PERIOD  

IMG_5008-1 4. fresh snow falling from the sky
5. little bit & her heart footprints 

6. getting soupy (campbell) to school EARLY  
7. riley telling campbell... "i wuv you" this morning over their cheerios breakfast 

IMG_4949-28. a handmade valentine card sitting pretty on my keyboard

9. getting the chance to wear my Merrell snow boots   

10. valentine goodies wrapped & out the door
IMG_4919-1  11. an email in my inbox that brought tears of joy from a long lost friend

12. babysitter confirmed for tomorrow night
13. the simple fact that's it's fRidAy... AND a three day weekend to boot  

so... here's to fRidAy...
and finding more things to add to our "awe... what a great day" list!


Gini said...

I am with you. It IS going to be a great day. Hey - the red and white string takes me back. Makes me remember really good things about my family. Something that is no longer a part of me on a daily basis - but great great memories......thanks for that. Isn't it funny that something like string, can evoke such fondness?

LuLu said...

"awe" so love your post... heart in the SnoW so cute! Love all the hearts that surround you everyday!!!! My coffee maker is not working.... seeing the words coffee made me long for a cup....aren't babysitters the BeSt!!! Have a wonderful date night! :)

Simply Me... said...

I just don't know what to say, your like the coolest person I know! I lOve yA! Happy Valentines to you! Have a wonderful week-end.


katie said...

friday indeed!

thank you for the 'beautiful extras' you included with your fabulous art.


Allikaye's Mama said...

Yay! That was AWEsome post! I love your pictures...like always! I got to wear my big comfy snow boots today too! Now I need to get my cutie to make a big footprint heart like yours...so cute!!

Amy said...

Thank goodness it is Friday...I'm feeling a little under the weather...I'm resting up and eating soup in hopes I'll be chipper tomorrow for the family! Love your pictures and they put a smile on my face!

ps...the peanut M&M's would be gone in a flash! My weakness!

The Masters said...

LOVE IT!!!! Especially #12 because I had that one to add to my great day list too...love the snow heart...it is amazing...what a great memory and photo!!!

Cary said...

Sounds like you had a really great day! That little valentine is so sweet!

meg duerksen said...

so pretty carissa.
happy stuff.

MGF said...

Happy Heart Day, I know you are spreading love today.

elliottsurf said...

Oh, I love your photos. Thanks for the inspiration...I took one of my string in the shape of a heart too! check me out here: http://www.elliottsurf.blogspot.com/

....who knows?! said...

love your 13! and a babysitter? hope you had a great night out. sending love.....

patty said...

hope you had a wonderful valentines! love your photos and your post! :) thnx for visitin me! :)