poodle in a smock


little miss flying kitty and i are getting our manes tamed today!
SO excited... i can hardly stand it... my hair will actually have some shape again!

the only thing... i am going straight from the gym... antiperspirant... deodorant... don't fail me now!
it was the ONLY appt. i could get... and a desperate woman who needs a hair cut
will do ANYTHING to get in... am i right or what!

what is it though about once they have washed your hair... they take you over...
as water drips down your back... sit you down right in front of the mirror...
"AAGHHHH"... i get a glimpse of myself IN THE MIRROR! 
hair sticking out everywhere ... garish shiny smock... water dripping all over the place... 
something about that little head sticking out of there... NOT attractive! 

so you better believe it... i put on makeup today!
a dab here... a dab there... 
i might be going to the gym but i'll be darned
if i have to see ALL THAT in the mirror AND no makeup... no way!  
i'll at least look like a wet poodle... that has pretty lashes! 

so... here's to thursday... woo hoo...
we're over the hump & rolling down the other side... the weekend is oh so close!  
gotta really focus on that extra "umph" today!


Gordostyle said...

I think weird stuff is going on with blogger lately. Some blogs have their entire posts gone. Mine was like that one day too! Weird... but mostly annoying!

Happy haircut day!

LuLu & Co. said...

Favorite day! hair day! love the pampering! oh ya I put the makeup on going to get my hair done... between the lighting, wet hair... ug! but when it's done ... fun fun!
have a good one!here's to one more day.

brooke said...

OOHH...i LOVE getting my hair done...except yes i always feel just "great" looking like a satellite with all those foils sticking this way and that...and then as you described "a wet poodle" afterward...at least you can look forward to looking oh so cute this weekend with your new hair!!!!

....who knows?! said...

i went yesterday....and i think it's the lighting.....but i sit there and think....man, you look old. not you...me. :)

i like the lights in my bathroom much better!

Megan said...

The tail sticking out is too cute!

Post pictures of the haircut! :)

Jody said...

Enjoy your haircut---good for you, getting that workout in before you go!! I have tried to leave a comment for so long on your blog...after reading your post yesterday, I am trying again!!:) I won't give up this time!!
Thanks for your daily inspiration!

Jaime said...

I know what you mean...I usually take my glasses off when I get to the chair. At least I cannot see myself. Ha! But then after you get it done and styled I leave with an extra bounce in my step-I feel like a star or something. :-)

Dancing Queen said...

i go on monday...first cut since november, and I AM DESPERATE!!! or i'd never take a monday afternoon at 3:30;)

dressing room mirrors & stylist mirrors are the DEVIL!!!

Angie Seaman said...

Hey girl. You have a tag award over on my blog. Go check it out.
Big hugs, Angie

gina said...

Post a picture of your new "do"!!!

One Wired Woman said...

Saw your new FB profile pic and I love it!! Your hair looks awesome!! Miss you guys so much. :) ~Jill

elambeachbums said...

carissa you are always beautiful!!!

Gini said...

Hope the hair appointment was great. I love my stylist. I love talking with him. I love him washing my hair. I love him massaging my scalp. I DO NOT LOVE sitting in front of that dang full length mirror!