fresh & fabulous

Go ahead... you can tell me how FUN my new blog is!

Shawn over at eclectic Whimsy designs put it together! Talk about creative! Talk about cute! She has the prettiest eyes ever! You must check out one of her blogs here... she not only creates truly great blogs but these really fabulous bags! I am a big fan of her entertaining & truly hip blog!

I am thrilled Shawn... thank you sooooooo much!


Shawn said...

You are too sweet! :) You were a treat to work with. I'll definitely be keeping up on your blog and visiting often. And seeing that logo I just realized I never made up a matching logo to put on your blog. Guess you're not rid of me yet. ;) I'll work on that in the morning. Right now I'm actually setting the laptop down to watch one of my favorite tv shows. It's a rare thing for me to watch without working on something at the same time. Sorta my Sunday night treat. :) Hope you had a great weekend and I'm sure the girls will do great on the plane. Enjoy your last few days in Texas. :)

Melissa said...

I love the new look! The girls will be great on the plane - and those people wishing they don't get sat in the seat next to you are missing out, I'm sure! All the best to you and the family!

Sandra said...

Love the blog! Shawn does great work! Love your store too! Wow, I think I've found another blogger to add to my linky list. :)