we're heeeeeere!

We made it! The plane rides were great... only a couple of three year old squeals!

You know you have been at a hotel a long time WHEN the staff
brings the wife & kids a welcome gift! Yep!
They gave each of the girls a stuffed animal & me some body cream & candy! How nice is THAT! The girls LOVED it! After some yummy room service the girls had a ball jumping from bed to bed! They were FULL of excitement!

This is the view from our master bedroom! Pictures can not grasp just how beautiful it is! Remember... I had not seen the house in person!
Todd made a great choice! I am happy to say... I really love the house.
I'll share more pics soon!

We are currently in the move-in stage of "utter mess & chaos"!
SO much to do! SO much to unpack... put away... donate... CLEAN!

All I know... I do feel truly blessed! We're safe... together...
and I am happy to see what I can accomplish tomorrow!

Now... who is going to come help me unpack!?!? Oh how I wish! :)


Shawn said...

That view is amazing! Wow. Can't wait to see more views of the house. Glad to hear you made it there safe and sound. Now for the craziness of the holidays. :)

Melissa said...

I'm so glad the trip was a success!

That view is AMAZING!!! Oh my goodness - a girl can dream.

I will so come help you unpack - but that might be kinda weird for you. You know, letting someone you don't know rummage through your things.

I'm very happy for you and all your blessings.