what a man!

I just had to post about this young man... sadly I did not even get his name.

On our flight to Denver last week he was sitting a couple rows up & to the left of us. At one point he turned to ask how old Riley was. I told him... he said he was just curious... wondering if she might be the same age as his daughter. His daughter is two years old. He was heading back home from Iraq AND the "shake my head in awe" moment... he has never seen his daughter in person... he had been serving in Iraq. What an incredible meeting that will be. Precious!

As I sat there with my two girls... I felt such a feeling of "secure"! Wow! This young man made me so proud. Thank GOD for him and the others that sacrifice SO MUCH. I am truly thankful!


Melissa said...

These guys really do deserve recognition and although you might not have gotten his name, just remembering him means more. I'd like to thank you for posting this.

As a Navy wife, I've seen my husband come off of 6 month plus deployments with the babies lined up to meet their daddies. It's a really breath taking experience. I have so many family/friends who are over seas serving. My cousin has been going over there since just after 9/11 and coming back home for 3 month stints and heading right back. He has had 2 little girls since then, and I'm betting that he felt a lot like the guy on the plane who was getting ready to meet his daughter.

I'm hoping that all his (the young man on the plane) sacrifices allowed him the greatest moment of his life when he met his little girl.

Thanks for sharing - I'm all teared up now.

Shawn said...

You've got me all teared up here too. This is such a great reminder and I hope these guys know just how incredible they are for what they do and all they sacrifice to do it. Even without a name that young man is a true hero. I sure would love to see that homecoming. I can't even imagine all the emotions involved all around. Thanks so much for sharing this. Definitely something to remember through the holidays.

Lizzz said...

Oohh... thank you for sharing this moment with us. It brightened my day. :)

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Thank you for sharing this! My husband just recently returned from a 15 month deployment to Iraq and so many people take for granted the sacrifices made...both by the soldier and the families. It's nice to see someone take notice. Thanks again!!

Vida said...

First and foremost, THANK YOU for recognizing all the sacrifices that my fellow comrade has sacrificed! Thank you for all the kind words you've expressed to support our military too!

We hope and pray you all have a wonderful, memorable and peaceful holiday season!