roots go deep...

hey gals! Thank you SO much for your thoughts & prayers...
I really... I know my family really appreciates your support!
Maybe I can share more later. All I know is that our family's roots go deep! We are woven together tightly making us mighty & strong... making us ONE... one that will face God's plans & tomorrow TOGETHER!

On landscaping news... our sod is being put down today... which means we are only hours away from walking on some crisp... cool... prickly... green... goodness! What a gift!

The kids are running wild... the popsicle's are flying... the messes are growing by the second! Summer is here! Today is good!


Simply Me... said...

Carissa, I think your one of the sweetest people I know, I'm so lucky to call you my friend, I'm praying for you and your family. I'm feeling alittle bit better, and your coffee is on it's way Yeah... take care and will talk real soon OK!

XoXo Lanny:)

cjs said...

thanks for the update...I'll keep praying.

love the sod picture and the images of popsicles flying.


April said...

Yay !!! for today is good...so wonderful to hear from you...been thinkin' bout' ya

Melissa Ellen said...

I'm glad you have such strong and deep roots - they're important during rough times especially.

Sounds like you guys really are ready for summer! I can always visualize your posts. You know how to write so that my imagination is triggered.


Dancing Queen said...

thinking of you!

landscaping, kids, popsicles & summer...life just keeps on going, even if for a moment it all seems to stand still!

what a cool picture!
happy hump day!

gordostyle said...

OMG, I hope everything turns out fine! Glad your family is close! Chin up girlfriend!

Smiles & HUGS,

Kate of All Trades said...

So glad to hear that today is lighter/brighter!

Gini said...

The great outdoors has a way of putting things in a whole new light. Without even knowing it, when I go out in my backyard I feel refreshed instantly. Nice sod. We don't do grass here where we live. I am enjoying just thinking of your new lawn, though.