lost tooth & found wheels...

wishing you a barrel "full"!
full of all you desire!

my simple desires for today...

plant some more pretty flowers
eat some sort of fast food (pms)
organize our crazy garage... again
smile BIG... & let the good in
hug on my little gals... LOTS
end the day with a pretty garnet glass of wine

happy... Friday!


Trish said...

I desired some fast food today too and indulged early in a Sausage McMuffin with egg and cheese and a crispy hash brown with a small coffee with cream. You know what? I'm indulging again later too, because Friday is always pizza and movie night at our house. Maybe I'll order a salad with low fat dressing to alleviate some of the guilt I'm feeling toward my expanding back side.

Amy said...

What a wonderful day you are going to have. Enjoy that glass of wine and love those little ones!

We planted lots of alysum this past weekend...so pretty!

Pizza night is tonight at our house too!

Have a great weekend!

Simply Me... said...

Have a great week-end. I think I'll plants some flowers this week-end!


Dancing Queen said...

We're goin' for Chinese & Pomegranate Martinis, with a trip to Lowes for our flowerbed...
so ready for next Wednesday!!

ooh...so what does the tooth fairy do at your house??

Sara Mincy said...

Have a great Friday! My little guy is wiggling a tooth as we speak :)

Gini said...

back at ya, girl. happy day, happy weekend, happy planting...(about that fast food....A&W last night for us - shame on me!)

Anonymous said...

Tell Campbell that Adam lost a tooth today too!! Girl... I wish I was there to drink a pretty garnet glass of wine with you. Love your flowers!! Any lizard sightings at all? ~Jill :)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

fast food let down... for some odd reason i got a chicken sandwich from Burger King (do NOT consider that fast food... no fries)... the let down... i was up all night sicker than a dog from that bland chicken sandwich. next time... i'm going fro nachos bel grande... it will be worth it! :)

tooth fairy funny... daddy has been gone this week so when she lost her tooth late at night i panicked... what do i have? the tooth fairy was a little nutty... all she had was a TEN bill... she lucked out!

lizard gizards... there are not lizards here... they are MONSTERS! all funky colors too! gross... creatures i could do without!

Melissa Ellen said...

I'm a total PMS fast food eater too! I need something super fattening whenever I get there.

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Could the wheels be any prettier? And how bout that snaggle toothed lady? She's gorgeous!