like a TURKEY... before the BIG day!

and all the while trying to hang onto a happy heart!

it can get a bit overwhelming...
all the to do!
all there is TO DO!
If i don't lose all my hair today from my... cute little matchy jammie... girls
FIGHTING like dogs... i'll be happy!
Boy they sure can be sweet... but oh they can be STNKY too!
hmmmm... i guess sorta like ME...
hmmmm funny how that works! :)  

So... here's to a busy day... YES... but those MASHED POTATOES are within sight! :)

i think i might have a little screw loose today!


Lizzz said...

I had that kind of a day yesterday! Good news! I bet tomorrow will be better. :) (And even tonight has potential!)

:) I love the heart!

Gordostyle said...

I hope your day goes MUCH better! With all of your positive thinking, I just KNOW it will!


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i know mama... "just relax"!


TERI said...

You go girl! Today I am cleaning and I thought I might even put on some holiday music to keep me motivated! Got my menu written out! I figure that counts for something. :0)

THEhooahwife said...

=) I feel you!! I just try to take the day one step at a time on those kind of days, and take breaks in between. I hope your day is peaceful instead of stressful!

LuLu & Co said...

So glad I am not alone!!! LOL I am in a state of pure FROZENNESS (is that a word)? I'm the corrdinator for my girls school for a huge - Shop Til You Drop Fundraiser on Sat. I want to hide!!! :o)

Jenn said...

sounds like you have so many fun things planned for the holiday! I know how overwhelming it can be:) xoxox...jenn

Gini said...

a screw loose??? you and me both, girl. Here's to a good day, anyway. And your girls, fighting?? I can't picture that after that cute picture of them the other day - matching jammies and all!!

Dancing Queen said...

just came from the preschool feast...no mashed potatoes, but i did have some ham & sweet potatoes:)

our afternoon will be spent making my dessert for bunco tonight, pick up kids, drive to dance lessons, then get hubby & children set for my evening out...whew! sounds like you!!!

Christine said...

mmmm... mashed potatoes... so yummy. I made a really amazing potato soup the other day and was thinking about you. Oh how I need to blog daily and take pictures of things.. that my new goal.

dOnt lose your hair yet... its too cute!

Are you guys going to Texas for Thanksgiving?!?

lots to do and busy week to come, have a cup of coffee and know that I'm toasting back to you! Have an amazing rest of the week... much strength and giggles to you!! :)


PS.. LOVE LOVE the heart!!

Krissysart said...

Hang in there. One more week and you can eat to your hearts content! And don't forget the gravy with those mashed taters!

MGF said...

The holidays make me feel like I am losing my mind......

By the way love the heart.

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

yummy mashed potatoes!

sorry the gals are fightin' my sis and i were cut throat sometimes!!!

my dad used to make us sit on the couch and hold hands when we were fighting. he'd make us hug on the couch too. we hated it - but now its a funny memory. i wonder if yo could get the girls to do that - please take a pic if you do!

:) hugs to ya

Stacey said...

Sometimes having a screw loose can be fun - right - ok maybe not - but I think we've all been there!! :) So I totally TOTALLY understand. Have a great weekend!!!

Stacey said...

By the way - LOVE LOVE LOVE the big red happy heart!!