two lumps in my tea please...

the simple moments in the day are what make it sweet!
besides... she makes the BEST tea! :) 


those little fingers... setting everything JUST SO


"delightful"... yes she said that... little turkey


through the peeper of her toy camera 

hAppY tHuRsDaY! 
Here's to grabbing onto those little moments... and having a sip or two!


LuLu & Co said...

Happy Thursday to you too! I happen to be having a hot "mug" of tea as I read my favorite blogs! :o) it's cozy home kinda day! and enjoyed looking at your "little moments" love those "moments" such a sucker for childrens hands!!!

HipMomma said...

Oooh, love that last one. Very very creative.

THEhooahwife said...

Hahaha! "Delightful"

Don't you love the cute little things that come out of kid's mouths? Sound like you had a wonderful tea party. =)

edie+steve said...

Oh your photography is sublime....and I've been cruisin' through your archives....such a way with words....and i had to stop by your shop! Wow you can do it all! Love your blog. Thank you to Liz for 'introducing' us.

Simply Me... said...

May I have some tea please! love that last picture...

Love ya!

Haley said...

you are so creative... i love that last picture. so cool

the workshop was GREAT... met really great people and learned so much :)

Krista said...

great pics!!

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

awwwww! that is soooo cute.

I really think the pic of her through her little toy camera is AWESOME - and sooo neat!

I hope you have a great evening with your girls tonight dear friend.


The Queen's Castle said...

"setting everything JUST SO"
Is she her momma's daughter or what???

Beth said...

Holy crap.........adorable pictures! My babies are all grown up so I love seeing you enjoy your girlie's! That's what I call my girls still! Girlie's!!!!

Gini said...

I came home this morning from dropping the two older kids at school, so excited because it is just me and Garrin today. Looking forward to a cute game of Candyland today with my little one. Love those moments too!!