bubbles too

How much longer will they bathe TOGETHER?
How much longer will they let ME wash their hair?
How much longer will they want to stay in and play with RUBBER DUCKIES?
How much longer will my little one squeal "yippee... it's bath night"?
How much longer will they WANT to take their bath in MY bathroom?
How much longer will they run about bare butt & FANCY FREE before jumping in? 
How much longer do i have to SAVOR these moments? 

IMG_2434 IMG_2449-1
There is SOMETHING about seeing their miniature clothes and tiny wet foot prints on the floor!
uh... excuse me girlies... "get back here & pick up your clothes"!

do your kiddos use your bath too? 

Sort of makes ME feel like running around all wild & fancy free... WITH my clothes ON!
Here's to a truly fab day... YES... it's FRIDAY! 


super tweaky mel said...

your house is so full of little awesomeness. I see that little fox candle holder back there. TOO FUN!

And those foot prints and little outfits are so cute.

It's all fun and games until someone slips and gets s tooth knocked out ;)

belladella said...

Happy Friday! Gosh, I always love bath time. I think I might go home tonight and throw in some bubbles and light some candles and RELAX. Have a great day!

HipMomma said...

Savor it! The almost 8 yo has to be bargained with to take a bath with the little one. And yep it's in my tub.

Gini said...

I hope I am not frightening you with my recent posts about having an 11 year old girl, or anything.....

Precious moments indeed.

Jenn said...

I'm thinking in that gorgeous bath...they'll be wanting to take baths in there forever:):) My 8 year old is too cool for baths...which then makes my 4 year old think he's too cool for a bath (sniff sniff). So it's showers at our house...in my bathroom:)


Cheryl said...

My girls also love to bathe together, but our tub is not as bigt as yours so the floor has to be mopped when their done haha.

btw, I love your little ones hair so much I tried to get a similar cut on my oldest today. Not the same but still oo so cute!

meg duerksen said...

i bet since there aren't any older siblings i bet they will still do this for quite awhile. :) but as soon as one gets the need for privacy...the other follows quickly behind. lots of shouting "get out! don't look at me!" to come.
i hope it last a long time.
i dont' mind the little kids in my bathtub...it's the big kids who know how to clean up their messes and don't.
they are cuties carissa.

Dancing Queen said...

oh yeah! our 2nd bathroom tub is SPOTLESS because they never use it...always ours!! at 8, 6 and 3 1/2 mine all still want me to help...gotta remember to savor that!

happy friday back at ya! i gotta get postin'...havin' a hard time thinking of a good one!

Honorary Indian said...

Yep. All 3 little Indians still bathe together--in MY tub. And, they'll play for hours if I let them.

I have no candles or bubble baths sitting next to my tub. Only plastic animals and cups and floating pirate ships and bandaids that have come off in the water and wash cloths that weren't hung up properly to dry and clothes/towels on the floor.

I am savoring it now. Because too soon there won't be bonding like this between the sibs.

MGF said...

I have never seen the foot prints- too busy yelling stop splashing. Next time I will stop and look around more carefully.
Happy Friday

gina said...

You know how to find JOY in the ordinary- though precious daily moments we too often overlook. You are right, they won't last and your words are so sweet and the photos adorable. I love the clothes on the floor shot. Never found that to be quite so adorable with my kids but now I will try to see that daily spectacle through new eyes!! Your blog always makes me smile.

LuLu said...

Bath time!!! FAVORITE around here... shh don't tell but dash 2, 3 and 4 bathe together every night unless little guy is too wild then he gets time out and has to bathe by himself! and they have a very tiny tub! but laugh the whole time. Dash 1 (being 12) baths alone but I can tell she misses them!
thank goodness for this friday i need pizza night!!

Rachel said...

all the time; can we take a bath in your bathroom!!! I say the same thing "pick up these clothes and put them in the laundry room" LOL

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

we've been in this house now one year & three months... still have not been in that tub... for some reason i'm not a bath gal!

Shawn/Life at Buttercup said...

I can't believe how fast these moments go. I now just tell my 8 years old to take a shower...she doesn't need bath time supervision any more. You are right to savor now!

Haley said...

this post is so sweet... made me want to cry and I dont even have kids yet. Great pictures.... ta ta!

Megan said...

they grow up so fast, don't they. makes you wish you could stop time! this post is going to forever change how i approach bath time! thank you carissa!

Brindi said...

Sweet. Enjoy it. We recently separated the kiddies from bathing together. Bath time is not as nearly as fun.

Beth said...

Not much longer.....it might be long but I just mean it goes by so fast. My girlies used to take baths in my tub all the time that time is so long gone. But then there are other moments to treasure when the get older. Like late night talks on their bed or coffee at Tim Horton's or shopping for Sadie's dresses or waiting up for them to get home like I am right now! I don't really know you that well but I think that you will cherish them all. You will love it as they get older it's fun but you will miss these days too! You seem to be the type to enjoy life in every stage that is what I love about you!

MamaMia said...

Yes! My girls bathe together and have the best time in our tub. My son would join them, but then the water wouldn't be as high and he pesters them in the middle of their playtime...he's only 18 months. ;)

Kathy said...


Great Photos!!!!

If you get a chance, stop by my blog. I need some recipes for my digital scrapbook if you'd like to participate.

Have A Great Weekend! Kathy :)

kristin said...

oh, i love this, love this.

glad to have peeked here again.