our night was perfect...

New Year's eve at home with the girlies looked like this...
calm & quiet AND silly wild!    







Riley said... "we're gonna party in this room"!
And they did!
The wildlife in the area want their hearing back!

Wishing you THE best year!
One rich in LOVE... PEACE... HAPPINESS!

This year is bursting with POSSIBILITIES... ALL kinds...
i really want to GROW this year... truly DEVELOP...
look back and say... "wow... i DID something"!

Here's to a rooting tooting... horn blowing... deep down inside ourselves... kind of year!  


Dancing Queen said...

happy, happy 2009!!

looks like a lot of fun! this was the first year that we didn't stay at home & do the exact thing you guys did...but we were just one street over & the kids were with us so it was fun! we didn't even get home till 12:45!! sam wanted to watch cartoons at 1 am...uh, no!!! Nice to have them sleep in this morning & watch the parade...

love ya girl! i know you'll be doing fine in '09!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Happy New Year!! I haven't told ya, but I loved you Christmas card! Thanks! Those girls are beauties!! Excited to see what '09 brings us!

katie said...

thank you so much for the christmas card my friend!

i hope i can be a part of your 'i did something'!?

cheers for 2009!

Simply Me... said...

Amen! looking forward to a new year and great things to happen looks like your getting a head start :) Have a great friday. Hubby just went to work and i'm starting to get ready for just a 3hr job today:) easy money!
see you later! XoXo!

LuLu said...

Completely agree...possibilities are endless... can't wait to read and see all you do! new year blessings to you and your family!

Trish said...

I totally agree with your outlook for the upcoming year -- there ARE so many possibilities. I too want to grow, be adventurous, say yes to new things, step outside the same square box I find myself in much too often.

You have been one of the many woman to inspire me for the upcoming year. While I only catch a sliver of glimpse into your life; your positive attitude and creativity have made me want to have more of that in my own life. Here is to 2009 -- Hooray!

Beth said...

FUN.....We have the same hats and blowers! We stay in every year and have a few family members over! You should try this....we take all our Christmas ornaments off the tree leave on the lights and put streamers and all the hats and blowers and poppers all in the tree it is great fun! Looks like you guys had fun! Happy New Year!

Rachel said...

Wooohhooo great pics!
Looks like they had a blast!

notevenatshirt vb said...

Looks like you all had a blast! :) All four of my children were gone this New Years (*sniff*). They had a blast, but I missed them...and don't have any great pics like this to show off now!