yellow... studio friday

What does the color yellow mean to you?

This was the question over at Studio Friday!

Well... for me... I love yellow! The fresh & vibrant feel it brings! My all time favorite shade of yellow has to be the color of wheat! I have a true obsession with baskets (the light jute colored ones)... true obsession... the comfortable & welcoming feel of them! The natural, relaxing splash of yellow is everywhere in my home!

I love yellow so much... it is the color of my "studio"! See!

(a little spot in studio)

(view looking up from computer in studio)

Yellow is a really good fellow!


Anonymous said...

carissa, i enjoy these photographs very much. i love the straw color. and that touch of barn/brick red on the vintage suitcases makes everything so warm and cozy.

susan said...

That is lovely shade of yellow. And the ceiling too - very cool. Love the suitcases and branches too

Bejeweled said...

What a lovely warm, comforting shade of yellow!