bye bye baby teeth

Another baby tooth for the tooth fairy! Becoming such a BiG girl!

We are going to the Christmas parade tonight in town. More than 100 lighted floats are usually present. There will be music, food & fun too! I think the girls will get a kick out of it! I hope to get lots of pics. This will be our first experience of really needing to "bundle up". Blizzard conditions are expected tonight! Really! Since we are in the valley... we should miss the bulk of it... I have learned that we are in an area called the "banana belt". They are forecasting FEET of snow tonight throughout Colorado! I bet there will be snow on the mountains in the morning! I'll share pics of that!

I hope this finds you having a great weekend! Smiles & cheers!


Shawn said...

Can't wait to see the pics. It sounds like you're not wasting any time exploring your new town. :) We've got a winter storm warning here too but definitely not FEET. Unfortunately more freezing rain and ice than any real accumulation. It was nice to start seeing some snow fall though. Once I get the christmas trees up I'm ready for the white stuff. :) Have fun at the parade!

Lovely Ladies said...

Too cute!

Hope you had fun at the parade.

I chickened out of our town's because of the cold weather. I'm a wimp!

Lovely Ladies said...

oops - I posted that under my book club blog name instead of my personal one. Sorry - anyway, it's Melissa