happy boots & a happy heart

I put on my happy boots today! Why you ask? I have soooooo much to smile about!

A really great gal named Kim featured me... little 'ol me on her blog... Today's Creative Blog! I am confident my heart grew after seeing that! Thank you so much! I love to share... sometimes known to share a little too much. It is just super to meet so many great people through blogging!

First of all let me say... Shawn rocks! She is so dad gum creative... blows me away each and every time she presents a new design in her portfolio! They are ALL so special! I just adore my design! We love you Shawn!

Kim... I can not wait to sit my big bootie down & check out all the fun you have on your blog! Wowsers! You have some seriously great... FUN... blogs to see! Thanks for sharing! And a really BIG thank you for sharing my blog! The extra hop in my step today... is there because of you!

And for all you fabulous gals who left such nice comments... I'm all aglow! All aglow... you tickled me happy! Thank you! Looking forward to visiting your blogs too!

ave a zippity do da day................


Melissa said...

I'm so excited for you Carissa!!! You so deserve all this recognition. Your blog is a bright spot on my day - every day! Obviously others agree :)

P.S. I love your Happy Boots!

Happ Happy Friday!

libby said...

Hi. I also came across your blog via Today's Creative Blog. I am very impressed and have added you to my google reader so I can keep up to date with your creative endeavours.


Anonymous said...

You are too sweet! :) So glad others are discovering your great blog. I'm with Melissa, you definitely deserve the spotlight. :)