You know your from Texas when...

there is no one else out in the snow but you! The neighbors must think we're nuts!

The snowflakes falling from the sky were huge! Even Todd (Indiana boy) thought so!

We made our first snowman... lady... thing! The girls named him Snowflake!

Our lovely view this morning... still WOW!

This is a keeper... stick me in a frame! How cute is that!

We're off to try a new church this morning. Maybe even finally get our tree later tonight! Finally!



Melissa said...

I love all the pics! The girls are so cute and so is snowflake. I can't even imagine having a view like that from my home. A girl can dream, right? Thanks for sharing though - and I look forward to hearing about you all putting up your first tree in your new home EXCITING!

That pic def. needs to be framed!

Lizzz said...

I just found your blog through Melissa (above). I have been here before but never really stopped to read. I stopped today though -- read your survey. :) (I was tagged, too!)

Anyway -- I am excited to have found you... your blog is uplifting and joyful and it really rubs off on your readers! (Okay, ,at least it does for me.) I look forward to reading more. :)

Thanks for being a blessing!