popsicle toes

I was like a delicate Texas rose OUT OF WATER! It was COLD at the parade! My goodness!

When we were walking to Main Street it was rather nice... not that cold... we had dodged the storm! HA HA Right at the stroke of 5pm... the winds kicked up & the rain began... the kind of freezing rain that "pokes" right through you! The storm kicked & screamed for about 20 minutes & then tapered off! Yippee! The parade WILL go on as planned!

The highlight of the parade were the flame-throwers! A man on stilts too! I was unable to get any pics of them... dad gum it! They were amazing... just great! I want to find out more about them... maybe they have a show to go see!

After watching the parade for a good thirty minutes we wondered how long it would go. This really sweet couple next to us said... "the parade last for AT LEAST two hours"... WHAT! I ALREADY couldn't feel my feet!

All in all it was FUN! The girls LOVED it! After the parade we went to Dolce Vita & had some warm comfort food!

The girls were coo-coo... I think the cold went straight to the heads! Campbell got into a really good laughing-spell at the restaurant... she could not stop! It was really funny! As you can see she was in rare form!

After dinner we headed home... have to admit... it was kind of strange pulling up last night to our home... in Colorado!


Melissa said...

I'm glad you had fun! It was freezing in VA too. I was outside all day Saturday at a pee-wee football Suprebowl Event and my feet were frozen. I just had to miss out on our town's parade after that.

The parade you went to looks really awesome. I'm glad you had fun with the girls afterwards. Too fun!

Rach said...

welcome to colorado! i found your blog via auntie pea's bloggy. you are probably just in time for our upcoming storms!? or so they say! cheers, rachel lostintheattic.typepad.com