time to don your santa hat

Santa's on his way! Ho ho ho! I need ten cups of joe......... just to get me through the next couple 'o days 'o! :)

How is everyone? Are you wearing reindeer antlers yet? I'll be going to a school Christmas party today... I just might be caught in some kind of festive head gear. Why not... I guess I could look dorky for a bit for my daughter!

I am going to a new hair studio today for my haircut... yikes! I wish when you moved everyone near & dear to you could go along too! Wouldn't that be great! I bet it will turn out just great... my legs ARE crossed!

I'll be heading back to Target today... along with about five other stops. I can just imagine the hustle & bustle! Last minute picks ups! It should be fun! :)

Zippity do da zippity da... my oh my it's FRIDAY! Hope your day is just fabulous!


Melissa said...

I love the pic you posted - the Santas are so CUTE!

Have fun at the party - and you flaunt that head gear - You'll look darling I'm sure!

I need my hair done desperately - it's almost to my shoulders already!

:) I'd rock some antlers if I had 'em.

JOY JOY JOY - You're in for a fun day!

Melissa said...


Hope to hear what you've been up to soon :)

Lots of Love,