so much to do... so little time

When what to my wondering eyes should appear... but... reversible polka dot wrapping paper! What a pleasant surprise! Now I like even more!

Okay... so I have been trying to balance everything! Making the house somewhat livable... shopping for last-minute gifts... being mom... being house-keeper... etc... etc... etc! There is NOT enough time in the day!

I have not even been able to check up on all my daily blog obsessions... now that's making me crazy. I feel out of the loop... you know. Are yall nuts busy too?

Today... more errands! The most fantastic thing of all... my mom is here! It's the best! Our first official guest in Colorado! It has been sooooo great having her here! She has been a tremendous help and a real blessing!

So my mom and I will load up in the auto today... play a little Clay Aiken Christmas music... laugh alot... and shop shop til we drop drop drop!

Love to all of you... and have a happy... hop... skip & jump of a day!


Jessica said...

i love your blog.
found you through TCB!

i just got back from a big trip to Target! love going during the day, but right now...at night, it is awful! people everywhere!!!

have a good trip and find lots of great deals!

Anonymous said...

I love love love the paper - WE MISS YOU TOO!

Enjoy the time you're spending with your mom.

I'll be expecting a full report of the week's events once you get some free time (after the holidays, huh?)
kidding, kinda

Felicia said...

Love that wrapping paper :)