bits & baubles

How many times can i walk by our Christmas tree and SHAKE that strand of lights that's OUT!
come on lights... work with me!
I might have to break down & pull out that NAUGHTY strand... replace it with some GOOD lights! 

I'm actually STILL getting this n that out... call me tardy... i have had festive tardiness!
Our home is getting there... and we are all ready for some serious cheer!

mr. snowman is up & ready... now bring on that snow

the cocoa has started to flow


fa la la la la... la la la la

our fallow... Fifi... she loves her baubles

on the door... always fun to HEAR sleigh bells

So... today... staying calm... that's my goal... ! :)
i STILL have presents to buy!
Oh yes... you're done aren't you!

Reminding myself all the while the REASON for this... ALL of this...
we are REALLY preparing to celebrate a BIRTHDAY!


LuLu said...

First, so NOT done with gift buying.. ug! One major item on my 5 year olds list is sold out everywhere I've looked!!! Even online (completely sick over this)
Like you I keep repeating "Stay Calm" :o)
Your snow man is the BEST I love it.... hot chocolate makes everything so much better.
have a great day....LuLu

Jenn said...

Well, you are not alone 'cause I am no where NEAR done:) And still pulling out decorations too.

Your snowman is such a cute idea! And that fifi with her red beads!? What a fancy pants she is;):):):)

Happy day to you! xox...jenn

Rachel said...

The snow man is tooo cute! Love it!

Your home looks sooo cozy with all the decor!

super tweaky mel said...

It started with the snowman - I thought he was sooo adorable - but then the adorable pics just kept coming! I think your tree is being naughty because he knows that the other decorations will pick up the slack. The fa la la la la decoration is too cute - and the deer head with the beads - totally up my alley! Chris may even agree to it. If not, then hes in for it :)

meg duerksen said...

it looks great over at your house.
i want to stop by for cocoa with giant marshmallows in polka dot mugs! and ring your zebra jingle bells!

Dancing Queen said...

that snowman is so, so clever! you're too good for me!
yep, the cocoa is definitely flowin' here too...even though i'm sure we're no where near as cold as you guys!!

HipMomma said...

COME BACK TO TEXAS!! It SNOWED last night! Ok, it was not much but we love it!!

I wanna come to your house.

leigh ann said...

I also love the snowman!! He's too cute and so is your blog!!

Gini said...

OK - so pre-lit trees, they rock right? Until a strand of lights is out and you can't find which one, and the stinkin tree is 12 feet tall..yadda yadda yadda. No more shaking here. Just gonna keep adding strands til I get there. You need to do that too!!! BTW - Love the snowman!!!

Honorary Indian said...

Fifi is smokin' hot. I just love her.

That picture is almost enough to make me want to hang one of those in my house.



MGF said...

Great big laugh when I sau Fifi

THEhooahwife said...

I LOVE your snowman! =)

The Tulip Lady said...

I JUST realized that we are down to TWO weeks till Christmas, yaaaoooozzzzaaaa!!!! I have to get the sewing machine dusted off and make'r hum. Two weeks to soak up the cheer, drink more hot chocolate than is allowed on the food pyramid, and crank those Christmas tunes! Enjoy...

Beth said...

Looking good.....Loving Mr. Snowman. You sure now how to add the perfect touch! Not done shopping here either. I have lots to do still and I'm working tomorrow and Friday! Oh well there is always next week!

Anonymous said...

Awwww... I miss us decorating for Christmas together. I think that was the problem this year. You weren't here to motivate me... and I wasn't there to motivate you. We're just not good without each other girlfriend!! :)

Gordostyle said...

Love it all! The snowman is my FAVORITE! So cute. So unique! Looooooovvvvveeee it!

Have a good day!

Liz said...

I just SO enjoyed these pictures. That snowman idea is adorable, and I LOVE the beads around the deer's neck. :)

April said...

Carissa.....Love the wreath snowman...fabulous Idea...and I would not be a bit surprised if it came out of your little melon...fabulous.

happy holidays to you and your gang

Azul Valentina said...

I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!!! Happy Holidays! Hugs