granma's (MIL) flight was CANCELLED! 
The words no body wants to hear!
WEATHER... you NEVER know what you'll get!
I suppose that's what happens when LOADS of snow fall!
She stayed the night in Denver & is currently playing the stand-by game...
things do not look good! 
oh... i pray she gets an early flight... well... that she GETS a flight!
she WILL!  she WILL!
i pray for ALL the people that are STUCK... there are SO many!

All i know... tweedle dee & dum are having a TIME...
over two feet of new snow fell last night in Aspen... and MORE is expected!
Like two kids in a candy store... eating it up BIG time!
They better not see TOO much new snow though... then THEY will be STUCK too! 
oh gosh...

Here "in the valley" we don't see a lot of snow... but we got four new inches!




and speaking of candy store... eating it up


the good kind... dry... fancy... fluffy... flakes

she could stay out there ALL day

12-22-08 playing i n snow

do your kids eat it too?


i am SO going to do this


this one here... NOT properly dressed... YA THINK... but SO cute & SO happy!

Looks like we will be having a WHITE Christmas too...  more snow is coming!

I STILL have to battle the grocery store & Sams!
Good golly... please tell me one of you out there STILL has to go too!
That would make me feel so much better! :)
Thinking of you ALL today... hoping your day is bright & "fluffy" too! 
I am just starting to hope I have my family HERE!


Lizzz said...

Okay your definition of not "a lot of snow" is SO DIFFERENT than our definition here in VA! Ours is... umm... NONE! I hope your family arrives safe and sound so you can ENJOY your white christmas to the fullest! I wish you could share some of the whiteness with us. :)

And you're not alone! I have about 3 more gifts to purchase tonight and I have to wrap THEM ALL tomorrow! Ahhh!

And bake. Bake schmake! :)

Holiday blessings to your fam! I hope your MIL arrives safely ASAP. :)

Carmen said...

Oh man, that just stinks. I hope granma makes it safe, sound and before the holiday.

I have so, so, so much to do. You are totally not alone!!! I haven't finished shopping, I haven't wrapped anything and I haven't even thought about getting to the grocery store yet... and I'm having family over on Christmas!!!

Hope you have a fantastic holiday!!!

Amy said...

What cruddy news! I know so many people who are either stranded or stuck because of this weather. I hope your mom-in-law gets there soon!!!

You'll finish...I know it and you'll pull off a beautiful dinner! Be safe out there in that snow, friend!

LuLu said...

Sending prayers your way for granma to arrive... and hubby and brother too! :o) Thanks goodness other kids besides mine eat snow... Looks like loads of fun! and it looks like a lot to ME!! My parents are in WA state and have crazy snow too! Their pictures are amazing.Be cozy,

Blissful Babe said...

LUCKY. All we have is freezing rain. Sigh. No chance for a white Christmas, either. BAH. I live too far south.

I still have quite a bit of shopping to do tomorrow. My food for my Christmas breakfast is all purchased. Think I will start preparing what I can tonight!

The kids sure like they are having a blast!

Krista said...

my sister, her family, and my mom and dad had to buy plane tix last night because the drive was going to be too crazy....yikes. just glad they are getting their butts here tomorrow night! just got back from spending a bazillion dollars at wal-mart....seriously. hey did you know beef tenderloin is 9.88 at sam's right now?! yummmmy.

notevenatshirt vb said...

Great pictures. And you're right--the weather is horrible! We don't have anything white yet, but we have a TON of ice. A two hour trip today took six hours and thank God we got home safely.

Rachel said...

Oh Carissa those pics are beautiful; they capture so much of why we long for Colorado.

I wish your family a very Merry Christmas...stay warm and have a hot chocolate for me!

Beth said...

Sorry about Grandma....hope she gets one soon! I do love snow and I love the way it photographs! Your pictures are really good and your girlie's are adorable as ever!
I was bragging about having everything done and I forgot to get stuff to make a salad for Christmas day and I need more eggs and bread for toast on Christmas! That always happens to me when I brag!

Have a Merry CHRISTmas!

belladella said...

Hope this makes you feel better- it is Christmas Eve and I am heading out to buy a turkey I forgot I had to make!

Enjoy the snow. I want some so bad!

Merry Christmas and here's hoping everyone arrives home safe from their travels!

Randi said...

Beautiful pictures! I wish we were having a white Christmas. Hope your MIL gets there. Thanks for sharing your blog ... I always love reading it and find it inspiring.

Gini said...

you are right - good luck to EVERYONE stranded so they can get somewhere warm and happy!!! the girls are having a blast, aren't they??? - and about the jacket not zipped? - you saw my Connor outside with just a t-shirt!! oh well.

katie said...

we made it home. prayers that your family will too. it is seriously crazy out there. our town ran out of gas and all the park-n-rides were closed by the airport?? also some luggage was lost. it was STRESSFUL and not complete without fighting tweens! how embarassing!! we were THAT FAMILY at the airport yesterday.

oh, the anticipation. it's like a movie isn't it?

I pray, pray, pray you all are together soon.

gina said...

Poor grandma - she WILL make it! Wow - the snow pictures are beautiful. Your kids just radiate happiness. I can see why - you have such a happy, cheerful spirit that reflects through your blog. You cheer me up daily since I've 'discovered' you. Thank you for those gifts of cheer. Have a Merry Christmas! May God bless you.