bits & tidbits

of our Christmas.
Thank goodness EVERYONE made it! 
It was seriously a planes... trains... and automobiles... kind of show!

getting a TRUE taste of what it's like to LIVE where it SNOWS! 


we had birthdays to celebrate... Todd & Toby on Christmas Eve!


the FIRST year that WE were the ones being woken up...
Campbell was up every hour from 3am on... asking grandma... "is it time yet?"
then we waited on the men to get up


the breakfast was "nibble on... finger tip" kind


the sun wasn't even up yet... but were eager & began our day at quarter of six


the dark outside made the tree's glow even more special


it was JUST right...


all their SMILES...


even THOSE faces


ALL their gifts... every single one of them... were a big HIT


the dinner table was set...


the candles were lit...


grandma & i were quite the team in the kitchen... EVERYTHING was put out HOT & YUMMY


after a long day... THIS was enjoyed with THE best company EVER

we had to say goodbye to Toby... the French Alps are calling his name for New Years!  Poor guy!

This Christmas has been VERY special!
Sure... the gifts have been GREAT...
the snow SO pretty...
the food... OH MY REAR...
BUT having family near is what makes it all so REAL... all so DEAR!
Like Todd said before our Christmas meal...
"Thank you Lord for your SON... the ultimate GIFT... the REASON for it ALL"...
because of HIM... and only HIM... we are truly BLESSED!

I hope your Christmas was deep down good for you too!


meg duerksen said...

are todd and toby twins?

i can just tell that your home is so cozy and lovely. i think i should come to colorado. :)

merry christmas girlie.
i LOVED getting a card from you. craig said "who is this?" and i smiled big and said "my bloggy friend!" it a whole new thing for me and i love it.

i have much to do...better get to it.

Crystal said...

LOVE this post...like Meg said...everything looks so cozy and wonderful. :) ...or as they say in Norway "koselig" which is their word for cozy...seems even more so when you say it like that. :)

Beth said...

AMEN sister! So TRUE! Looks like your Christmas was magical. You look to me a little like Martha Stewart. Your house looks GREAT!

Todd and Toby sure do look a like.

Simply Me... said...

Okay are there two of them or am i seeing double, sure did miss you girlfriend i think it's been about 4 days! looks like a wonderful time you all had so happy! hope to see you over real soon... love ya, Lanny :)

Megan said...

Everything looked great! Looks like you all had a fabulous Christmas.

belladella said...

It looks like you guys had a beautiful Christmas. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. So cozy and warm!

LuLu said...

Magical Christmas you had indeed! So happy for you and your family.. togetherness is the best! It all looked very cozy and beautiful.

Rachel said...

What great pictures and memories...thanks for taking us along with you; I long for the days of a Colorado Christmas...soon!!!

Best of everything in 2009!

MGF said...

I was gonna ask too if they were twins.
You are always to whimsy with words.

Many happy days to you.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear yours was down good...ours was too! So, Santa did come thru and leave a canon rebel. Have any books, or sites tht might be a help to me to look like I know what I am doing?? Oh please help... going to europe on spring break, and want to capture all the sites.

notevenatshirt vb said...

What a great post. As always, the pictures are lovely. :) I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas together.

Dancing Queen said...

oh how i loved getting such a surprise in my mailbox from you!! precious! thank you for including us!

our christmases sound very similar MINUS the snow of course!! sad to see it all end...it is such a magical, magical time!

love ya!

Rachel www.jackandcoledesigns.com said...

I admire how creative you are! I love the decor.. The stockings--where did you get those?!

Gini said...

just beautiful! meg asked the question i had - twins?? this was the first year i didn't get my kids matching xmas jammies - boo hoo - the girls look awesome in theirs! Your decorations remind me of the flower shop i used to own - earthy, homey, woodsey - LOVE IT!! sounds like it was all 'that' and more!

Jenn said...

so sweet Carissa!! what great photos:):) I'm so happy that everyone made it for Christmas and that you had a wonderful time surrounded by your sweet family:) xoxox...jenn