ice... strikes... slices... lights

ICE... all the snow is MELTING!  At least where we are! 
I have nearly busted my butt a few times slipping around on it... really!
ohhhh... that wouldn't be pretty!  



I do like the way it makes the mountains look though... speckled with snow!



Lots of this in our home this week!  thanks Santa... the Wii has been too fun...
and i was able to get enough STRIKES to WIN the other night in bowling... against hubby! 
Oh yes i did! 
He DID kick my butt in tennis though!

Lots of this too!
cranberry mulling spices... apple SLICES... red wine... simmered to perfection!

on a side note... 
i just know my house is somewhere underneath all this mess!
Between the pine needles... dust bunnies... laundry piles... new toy parts...
I don't even know where to begin!
Tackling it one thing at a time i suppose! 
Thank goodness for my MIL... she has been like a magical fairy & friend all in one! 
We can sip on mulled wine & sort laundry like champs!

and LIGHTS... here i come!
Any guesses where i am headed two days from now?


Dancing Queen said...

girl, that is what i have been doing...working on one room at a time trying to sort it all out!

wii is SOOO fun! we have family tournament nights & have a blast! did you find the sport handles that you can put your controller in??? pictured on my summer favorites if you recall;) very cool! actually we got hubby the guitar hero complete band kit to go with our wii for his b-day which was saturday...after being gone a few days, haven't hooked it up yet, but look for our cd out soon!!!! LOL!

dying to know where you're going...stay safe out there!

The White House said...

Love the little glimpses into your world. Are you on the western slope of CO? My dad lives in Olathe and it looks just like that where you get off I-70...

Where are you going? Do tell!

LuLu said...

The mess... where to begin.. that's me all day today. Determined not to stop till I'm done... where's the wine, cause it's time... i'm getting tennis elbow already!!! Okay how are the lefty's doing the wii in your home.. i am totally losing! Doesn't sound like I can blame it on my lefty brain! :o) I can tell I am going to be jealous about where you are going! I'm saying, lucky you already before I even know!!!! Have for me!!!

April said...

Carissa....thank you so much for the beautiful and thoughtful and sweet card....I appreciate you thinking of me and my family.

I am currently using the sweet little pixie haircuts on your cuties to entice Chloe in to the salon for a GOOD trim...I love the short hair....anyway.....hope you and yours had a blessed one....and it sounds like you did....

Here's to 2009 !!!!

farmerjulie said...

the snow is melting here too. just walking out to my mail box was a slip sliding adventure! yucky stuff. love your pics..neato camera! xo julie

Randi said...

I have to try your mulled wine with apple slices ... I've never thought to do that. Yum!

And I recognize the gorgeous scenery ... I used to live in Denver and travel out your way for work with some frequency.

Gini said...

send you MIL over here when she is done there. i need it desperately, too!!!!