cups of life...

Remember that mack truck from yesterday... it was a team of mack trucks! I am so serious... somebody do something! :)

I have to say... one thing I am struggling with now living in "the desert" my skin is not dry... it is past that point! My skin is in shock! Going from living in a sauna everyday (Houston) to now living in the Sahara! My skin hurts! I would love some advice from some of you lovely ladies in the area! Help! I am going to turn into a tortilla chip! Do tell! Have any advice? Pleeeeeease! :)

I am faced this morning with a smorgishborg of things to do! You know... Monday! I am ready to get it going just trying to figure out which cup to jump into first? My goal... get my "crispy" hands on some treats for the shop! The shop... oh yes! She is so special to me and she has been neglected! Again... other cups of responsibilities getting in the way! :)

So... here's to today! A day full of cups that are over-flowing with things to get done... oh yes... BuT as I will try to remind myself... these "cups" ARE gifts!



Melissa Ellen said...

G'luck getting it all done. Your shop, she's very dear to me as well. I don't have any suggestions beside Clinique Face Lotion or Gel. My great grandma used it for a great portion of her life and the day she died her skin was still sooo beautiful. So, hope that helps.


Hipmomofboyz said...

I'm so excited you got one of my necklaces. I have it ready to ship and I was going to do that today, but the birthday boy came home with a tummy ache.
I met one of your friends from Houston,. Jill...she and I have been blogging about our boyz and baseball and we have so much in common. Both of our boyz were in the same tournament this weekend and we finally got to meet...She is so sweet and I feel like I have know her forever. She had wonderful things to say about you and now I feel like I know you, too...
Very small world

Gini said...

carissa - for us in the Las Vegas Valley (the dry heat) we trade deodorant for lotion - lots and lots and lots of moisturizing lotion. You don't need deodorant because you a so stinkin dry you don't sweat........btw - my dogs - Italian Greyhounds!!

The Queen's Castle said...

I'm feeling your pain ;) That mack truck company's head office is in Cypress. You know I think we are on the same monthly schedule (I know, TMI) - I get SO TIRED & SO, SO HUNGRY the week before.

Gotta go, a Kit-Kat is calling me :)

Love ya

elambeachbums said...

Carissa, I swear by Curel lotion. I have the driest skin and Curel is my fav. Try it. Love you!! Holley