noodle and lou

Look at my new teeny lulette houses! Are they not SO fun! I got them
here... from a great Etsy shop called Noodle and Lou! Her packaging is enough to make you scream with glee. I did! You know when you get something in the mail... it looks so pretty you want it to last... I did that when I got this package! Oogled over it for days... really! She creates pure light-hearted fun! I am looking forward to snagging one of her great paintings too one day! Her blog is super too... for the latest happenings!

Life's little pleasures...

Jenn... thanks so much for my little lovelies! They are truly super! :)


Anonymous said...

Awww! Those are cute and sweet! ~Jill

Jenn said...

ooooooh! Thanks a bunch for the sweet shout out:):) I'm so thrilled you love your little lulettes! I know they are sooo happy to live with you!

Happy weekend to you!! xox...jenn

Melissa Ellen said...

I need to get me some of them little Lulettes!!!! Thnks for pointing me in the direction. How adorable? Too adorable.

Are the girls as in love with them as we are?

Carmen said...

Jenn Rocks doesn't she!!! I finally got my hands on one of her Lulette's recently and they are so stinkin' cute!!!

I love your blog and meant to add you to my blog roll weeks ago, but lost the link... so glad I came across your blog again.

Have a great week!