field trip...

Well... it was no "Houston"!
Certainly small town Botanical Gardens... but still fun for all!
I think I maybe saw five butterflies... seriously!
There were huge coy fish... fat frogs...
sleepy turtles and pretty flowers though!

the bus ride was a hit

really great... brilliant yellow... BIG sculpture

these were SO cool... really BIG metal flower vines

the ONLY butterfly I got a pic of... really

the tropical flowers WERE awesome

queen of the mountain

I would say all in all... it was a "fly" day!


cjs said...

hooray for your fly day! your girls are DARLING.

flower pics are beautiful!

Lanny said...

Glad you guys had a great day! Hope your week-end will be gggreat!

Hugs! Lanny.

Sara Mincy said...

Pretty pictures! And I love the sculpture.

Gini said...

The first picture - oh my gosh - she looks just like you....How cool is that??

Melissa Ellen said...

AAHHHHH! Glad you had a fly day. I had a pretty crucial day too... I was trying to sound hip just there - kinda weird for a total nerd, huh?

For the 5 millionth time - you girls are all GORGEOUS! Your husband must carry a whole photo album around in his wallet to show off his ladies. I would if I were him:)

Sending you a big hug to last the WHOLE WEEK - and that's a big one