i am feeling weak.
i am feeling angry.
i am feeling disappointed.
i am feeling tired.
i am feeling overwhelmed.
i am feeling frumpy.
i am feeling "weathered".
i am feeling blemished.
i am feeling "turned inside out".
i am feeling ripped off.
i am feeling bitter.
i am feeling ashamed.
i am feeling like i need a break.
i am feeling scared.
i am feeling like i could cry.
i am feeling not as i should.

i feel like curling up in a ball... escaping to a secret nest...
so the hurt can not find me.


HipMomma said...

Oh no. Wish there was something that I could. At least a hug.

cjs said...

if it's any consolation, I am there with you. wish I lived close enough to drop off some panera bagels :o)

on a brighter note...I received my totally awesome, rad, hip, creative, brilliant bracelet that was so thoughtfully packaged. thank you, thank you.

like I said before...

you are amazing. hope you feel better.

Amy said...

Oh friend...I hope you find some peace today! I'll be thinking of you!

Kate of All Trades said...

Sorry to hear you're having one of "those" days. It's a good thing that you're beautiful and creative and fun and loved cause that means you'll probably feel better soon.

Got Tweet on Saturday. Thanks so much! The packaging was adorable. And now I just need to get me a belt to put it on. Your Texas is rubbing off on me... :)

Honorary Indian said...

Girl...your post was my LIFE the ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH. I mean, totally, completely, wholly MY FREAKIN' LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say...is hold on. For dear life. To God. He's the ONLY ONE who can pull you through. Not your husband (although he'll try because that's what men do...). Not your children (because although you would DIE for them...they are the ones possibly contributing to the anguish...). ONLY GOD.

So, pray. Cry. Cry some more. This feeling has been going around.

But, the good news? It will go away. Eventually.


Gini said...

I am so sad that YOU are sad. Feel better. Throw on a great CD and listen to some music. Then sing like a fool - when no one is looking, of course...Music always makes me feel a little better.

Trish said...

I just got out of my "misery" the past couple days. No matter what it is you'll come out of it, better, stronger, happier.

elambeachbums said...

You could not be living my life right now-could you? Hope all is ok. Love you!!

SoFee said...

Girl, try turning it over to God. He can lift you up & take your worries away.

By the way, did you make that call? Don't make me go up there! ;) Love ya... take care!

Melissa Ellen said...

Oh man! I'm so sorry Carissa. I know where you are coming from. I wish I could be a better friend right now! Just know I care and feel the big hugs I'm sending your way.

Love LOVE you :)

megduerksen.typepad.com said...

i'm sorry.

i understand your feelings...absolutely.
would those skates fit you? maybe you could put those on and go for a roll.
it'd be hard to feel all those things on roller skates right?

hope you feel so much better so very soon.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Carissa: All that is pertinent has already been said but I add my voice to the chorus. Should there be anything I could do, I'd like to know. Hope you feel better soon. Some days, it is just overwhelming.