he really does love me...

I rolled over and woke up to this! What a glorious morning indeed!

We had a three year old little boy spend the night last night... always interesting to have a BOY around. Boys and girls ARE different! I don't care how you slice it! Anyway at 6AM he woke up! uhh... excuse me... that is a tad early for me on a Saturday morning... well any morning for that matter! Call me "sleep-over" mother of the year... I turned on a cartoon for him... and crawled my behind back in bed!

So I did make them breakfast... sort of... gotta love Schwans breakfast pizzas! Always a hit!

The picture outside the window this morning is a giving me ants in my pants! The sun is shining in her full glory! Time to put on some sort of decent face and head out!

Here's to a... kick up your heels and look really goofy doing it... kind of day! Do it... see if it makes you laugh! :)


HipMomma said...


rachel carlson said...

i'm POUTING because i'm stuck under boxes - literally! the day is PERFECT today. taking a break from the packing madness to get some blog reading in - shhh, don't tell the hubby! happy weekend, rachel


Melissa Ellen said...

He must! Who couldn't? I know what you mean about the sun today. It's like that here too. I stayed outside for a while and soaked up the good ol' shine...Then the pollen took a toll so I had to come in for a break and read your blog :)

I kicked my heels up - I almost laughed...but then my ankles busted together and made me pout a second... then I laughed harder!

Lanny said...

Wow, lucky girl, I need to have a talk with my hubby!!!. Hope your having a great week-end. And by the way I'm all done with my house work...

Big Hugs! Lanny

Trish said...

Schwans rocks! Every other Monday is Schwans day at our house. Lance or "Lance Romance" a I call him -- which I think scares him a little --is always a sight for sore eyes, because it usually means I'm just heating up dinner in the oven.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh yes... Trish they are too convenient at times. our Schwans staples...

roasted pepper queso
oven baked chicken
breakfast pizzas
spinach & mushroom pizza
filet mignon (like butter)
ice cream drumsticks

what do yall like? do tell! :)

Amy said...

Schwans corn...the niblets. It's the best corn ever...I actually wanted to write a post about the corn...it's so good. Try it!

I love their egg rolls...my goodness, 9pm cravings! Our days are Saturdays at 1pm...oh how we look forward to Cory!!

Anonymous said...

Our Schwan's staples...

oven baked chicken

and yes... we now even buy our own ice cream drumsticks! :) ~Jill

SoFee said...

Oooohhhh, I miss Schwann's. I need to contact them. You know, I might need to wait until we move into 'the big house'. Not only do I have zero room, there is NO way for that Schwann's to back out of our driveway :(
I miss their eggrolls!

Okay, missing the following:
Schwann's guy, Mike
mini egg rolls
also missing clean driveways
my house
decent storage
the Fox family!!!!


Hipmomofboyz said...

I feel like I am not part of the club. I have never tried Schwans...Where do you get?
That is really harsh that you sweet little house guest woke up at 6 a.m. Let's see if you gets another invite.
One good thing about older kids (minus the attitude) is they will sleep late and get their own breakfast..

cjs said...

there's nothing better than waking up to that!

hope you enjoyed your warm, kick-up-your-heels weekend.

gordostyle said...

That is the sweetest! I'm gonna have to tell my dear hubby that one!


gordostyle said...

P.S. I just can't get the new Starbucks colors. They through me for a loop-de-lou every time I get one! I'm so used to green! :o)