"I look so pretty mom"

Little miss priss! One of her get-ups she put on yesterday. I love the fact that she is okay with going outside in shorts (pajama shorts)... there is fresh snow on the ground! Little sweet pea... I could use a bit of her "no shame" take on things!

I am happy... really happy to say that Campbell is doing much better this morning. Boy howdy... her fever peaked at 104.5 yesterday... that is always so scary! Thank you Lord... you helped her fight it off! Of course!

It's a fresh... new... "make it happen" kind of day! Yeah!


Melissa said...

That is definitely not a face only a mother could love. She melts my heart with the smile and cute fashion sense! zpgvltds

Melissa said...

OH! I'm glad Campbell is feeling better. That must have been scary and she must have felt so terrible.