loads of it

laundry... laundry... laundry.

So this was my view today (a glimpse into the laundry room)! Do you see the poster... I so love. How perfect could it be? I got it a while back from the awesome Victoria of bohemian modern style from a san francisco girl. She now has an Etsy shop (LOVE Etsy) where you can get one too. She has many colors from which to choose... see! I think we can all use the reminder to "keep calm & carry on"... I know I can!

We have a really exciting night scheduled... it's popcorn & Ratatouille! :)

Hope you are having a super weekend too!

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Melissa said...

I did a ton of laundry too this weekend! Ratatoulle would have been fun to watch but the husband doesn't like things like that for some reason. Maybe when I have darling little girls they'll keep me company :)

I think I might just be ordering that poster. It's so awesome and a great reminder (especially for someone like me who obsesses)!