now thaaaat's attractive

I am looking "hot" this morning! oh yeah... oh yeah. All I know... I am comfy & warm!

You know I was so frazzled yesterday... wore myself out... literally. I was exhausted. Late last night I realized... it hit me... I am right where I should be. Right in the middle of it all. There is so much to embrace. It may be hectic... chaotic at times... but... this is my life! It is a gift... all of it. The dried up cheerios I find on the kitchen floor... the endless dress-up clothes that don't make it back to their bin... the basket full of laundry that never ends... the temper tantrums on the floor... the muddy-snow boots that just ran through the door... the spilled cocoa... the screaming... THE HUGS... THE KISSES... THE "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH mommy"... it's all mine! I am right where I should be! Right in the middle of it all!

Mini me came walking in...


Melissa said...

I'm so happy for you! I feel really excited about my becoming a mom someday - and I know it's going to be tough - but just like you said - it's right where we should be. (You - now, me - later)

You are both just darling with the slippers and socks. I'd be in a snow suit all day :) My family calls me cotton ball because I wear so many layers and always have. Cold weather is so not okay with me.

DaisyBug said...

Stumbled onto your blog - glad I did. I have spent the last half hour poking around and it is just delightful! Thanks!