way back... wednesday

I can not believe I am actually sharing this picture! But it is snowing like CRAZY outside so... what better than a... ridiculous... what was I thinking with my hair... thought I was so cool... 80's... picture! It pains me to look at it! But on the other hand... it reminds me of great times! This picture was taken in Crested Butte... obviously in 1980 something. Kind of funny how we live just a hop, skip and jump from there now! We have many fun memories made in Crested Butte on ski trips... my gosh... silly fun!

In case you really want to know which one is me... I am the dorky one on the left! Holley is next to me and then Beth. I have known then since first grade! I am happy to say... we are still the best of friends! They're family!

I think it is time for a ski reunion really soon! Who do you think will be the first to pee in their pants from laughing too hard?


Melissa said...

Me - I'll be the first once you get back and blog about it :)

Too cute - you don't look dorky!!!

Mr. T said...

Sweet Lord. Those are some fantastic outfits.

Great blog, by the way. I found you through Kate of All Trades.