way back... wednesday

Back when... Glamour Shots WERE cool! You know you have some too... I think we all did it. My gosh... some of those outfits they put us in or wait... did we choose them?

I was 22 years old here and my word are those earrings BIG enough? That WAS in! The earrings had to be big & shiny... I owned some real beauties. The funny thing... with me big hair... this was not even the 80's. Really!

I guess if I could have retained anything from this time of my life it would have to be elasticity! Time & gravity do a number!

But... I truly believe... with time... it only gets better! Sure... I may have acquired some wrinkles... stretch marks... scars... gray... BUT they are all part of the map. The map of my life's journey. A journey that I wouldn't trade... it makes me who I am. So NOT perfect... but learning every day.


CourtneyP said...

Oh what I would give to just not have the gray hair right in the front of my part!!!! You are right, it is all a part of the map. I love your insight on motherhood and the truth of who we are and where we are.

Yeah for your little one!!!


Sara Mincy said...

Oh my word! I always wanted to do Glamor shots!!!! You look great...although the acid wash has to go :)

Melissa said...

You look like you could have been the most popular girl on 90210! You are beautiful and always have been - but I think you are right - it's only gotten better with age :)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I think I have those same earrings on in my glamour shots. I am motivated to dig mine out now.....when I find them, I will post them on my blog.