i went with bangs!

to be honest i wasn't sure until...
i saw this post from a new friend!
she is a brave... beautiful... courageous woman!
i will learn many things from her!

when i saw her post i felt selfish...
bangs... no bangs... PLEASE...
i decided that instant to gO FoR iT!

as silly as it is... the bang thing...
it is just a minuscule reminder
to just gO FoR iT!

"why the heck not"

So... thanks Christine for reminding me what is
really important... you're the best!
Thank you for sharing your journey!
Hugs & blessings upon you!

Here's to a happy "why not just go for it" Friday!
Jump out there... really take on the day!


Simply Me... said...

Girllll, I just love it! Yeah!!! Your a doll...


Trish said...

Gorgeous! Your bangs turned out much better than mine did. I looked like Mamie Eisenhower reincarnated -- they're still growing out nearly two months later.

Melissa Ellen said...

you look so pretty. i love it. have a good weekend friend :)

sara's art house said...

I love it! You look great, and I cannot believe how versatile that 'do is!!!!

Carmen said...

You are rockin' those bangs!!! They look great!



Christine said...

ahhhhhhh I LOVE IT! Super chic, defiantly gotta go with the rockin comment! LOL! Amazing!

Carissa... thank you! your post is amazing and I'm completely humbled. :)

Much Love..xoxo Chris

ps: so how do you do the cool link thing with the name??

gordostyle said...

I absolutely LOVE the bangs! You're a cutey-patootie! :o)

Isn't it nice to have something different to fix every day? I love "new hair!"


Dancing Queen said...

oh, our hair! why does it worry us so??? i got mine cut a couple weeks ago & have not been happy w/it...but i just keep telling myself it'll grow! in the meantime, everywhere i go, people have commented how much they like it, which makes me feel better, but it's still not what i wanted...yours looks great! it really works w/your adorable face!

MamaMia said...

Cute!! I so wish I could do those short cuts, but it just doesn't work with curly hair. So, I'll just enjoy everybody else's.

Anonymous said...

Shut upppppp!!!!!!!! I love it!! We are at Disney and I thought I'd jump on Matt's computer and check a few blogs. I'm so glad I got to see your new "do" because I love bangs!! Too cute, sistah!! Mickey says hi! ~Jill :)

Hipmomofboyz said...

Oh, your hair looks so cute....Way to go, with the bangs.

Anonymous said...

It looks so cute! Tell me more about the bangs! Did you give your hairdresser a picture of what you wanted? I am considering them but I'm nervous.. Is it easy to push them to the side too?

I found your blog on Angelica Grace's blog... I love your designs!
Rachel-Houston Texas

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

really... yall make me feel GREAT!
i think it will be fun having something new.

the gal that cuts my hair is really hip... the good thing i feel really comfortable with her.
i will say when i first saw myself it was a shock... looked really different to me. but i really truly love it! super versatile!
really easy to swoosh them to the side... play around with different parts... or even slick all hair back.
i think a really great pic to take in would be of Katie Holmes. her cut is way cute and she wears it a ton of ways!

Gini said...


Gypsy at Heart said...

You look so chic! I too love your bangs.

Anonymous said...
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