simple days...

squeezing out the last days of summer...

butter and salt & pepper... awe

piggies of course... thanks Jill

her feet read... fun day outside

sun is still shining in Colorado

summer color is still in bloom

hummingbirds are still around.

The days are HOT but the mornings
and nights are crisp and cool.
We are really looking forward to experiencing Fall
here in Colorado! Our favorite time of year
and our first Fall living in Colorado.

I just can't believe Labor day is
right on our heels... it is right here
at our back door... knocking!

Today is back to school for lots of your kiddos!
They'll be great mom!

Here's to Monday!
A fresh... kick-start to the week!
I'm off to jump on that scooter & roll!


Simply Me... said...

Have a great day sweetie, I'm getting ready for tomorrow night's open house! I'm almost there :o)
keep us in your prayer's my hubby left his job friday, he'll have to hit the pavement very soon! Keep praying!

love ya!

Cheryl said...

Have a fabulous day! Mine started off good then got a little shady and now I think I'm doing better. My sweet girl went to school for the first time today and I got out of the class before the tears starting rolling...yay me! But when they started rolling it was the "ugly cry" that came fast behind! She has never been in daycare or anything of the sort, so this is going to be a hard day for the both of us..okay well I would like to think she is missing me as much as I'm missing her! I can dream can't I?? haha

katie said...

oh carissa i didn't know your move was so recent. i just went into your bloggy archives to read all about it. the glamour shots of you put the BIGGEST smile (turned laugh) on my face!!

i recently moved far away from home, so i'm reading your blog today with new eyes and empathy...

meg duerksen said...

for some reason i thought you lived in utah.

we are next door neighbors...colorado and kansas.
we are loving this weather too.
a bit cool in the evening and morning and hot by afternoon.

hope you monday turns out great!

Amy said...

I love the corn holders...adorable! You've always got the cutest stuff!

Love the dirty feet! Sunday afternoons are made for dirty feet! Love them!

Gini said...

Ok - did any of those tornadoes come near you guys??? Omgosh!! One was three miles away from my girlfriends house in Parker...

Dancing Queen said...

your wishes are too sweet!
we made it through day one...tears from mama, of course, but the kids did great! it was nice to have the brunch to come home and focus on...22 mamas, including a few younger siblings made for a very fun morning! if you were close by, i would DEFINITELY want you to crash!!

hope to post pics tomorrow afternoon!

cjs said...

love the pics...there's nothing like corn on the cob in august.

fall truly is the most wonderful time of the year. I imagine it will be beautiful out there. can't wait to see pics.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh you will love the fall here in Colorado! I just love the leaves..and you are probably going to have lots of aspens turning colors! It is definitely my favorite season! I just saw someone else commented about the tornados - they were a few miles from us yesterday! Yikes! :0)

Anonymous said...

I'm such a cornball!! Why did I not get some of those piggy corn holders for myself?

I was sad all day today with Eric in that ginormous middle school. He and Adam both had a great day today. Woo Hoo!!

I wish I could feel that cool Colorado air!! It is still as hot as can be here in Houston. Whew!!

Hugs~ Jill :)

Hipmomofboyz said...

I love corn.....the sweeter the better.... yum,yum.
Just had some last night it's the only veggie my kids all agree on...