way back... wednesday

back when babies wore bonnets!

When you see pictures of yourself as a baby...
do you find it hard to believe that
you were once a baby... that small?

How we grow!
How we develop!

So many years!

It is amazing how we all face
the same circle of life!


Simply Me... said...

Oh girl how sweet is that picture! lov'in the bonnet, I don't think I ever had one Hmmm, I'll have to ask my Mom about that one! Have a great week-end, please let me know about those magnets! Love ya, Lanny

Dancing Queen said...

What a cutie!! I know ya'll are countin' down!
Are you as sleepless as me staying up all hours to watch the Olympics?? I can't get enough...they've been so exciting!

Happy HuMp Day!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

That is so funny... i am SO obsessed with the Olympics... never watched so much TV... crazy!
and i am so tired... late nights!

AND the chinese gymnasts they are so cute BUT not 16!!! :)

Dancing Queen said...

so funny that you say that, because my husband kept asking me how old the chinese gymnasts were, and i said 16, you have to be 16 & he kept insisting they were not, and naive me replied, but they wouldn't do that!! then when we heard bella karolyi(sp?) commenting how they were not of age, he rubbed it in my face all night! what can i say, i always assume everyone (especially at the olympics) is there to be fair & square;)

Cheryl said...

I love seeing my girls in the hand full of pics that I have of myself, as a wee little one! But I didn't wear bonnets...i wore boy clothing with a bob....so I was a huge tomboy unless it was professional pic day!

Gypsy at Heart said...

Could you have been any sweeter? You know, I love these kids fashions. Now they are outdated of course buy my mother used to dress us beautifully. Kind of like this. With starched little collars and fripperies in our hair. I think there is something sweet about that which no longer exists in our modern days. A tad uncomfortable... but sweet nonetheless.