this is...

what you get when she carries your camera around!

i thought these were SO funny!

kicking up her feet after a long hard day of play

smores anyone

i love this one... uhhh... hello in there

Today being Monday... always a nutty...
"catch up"... i didn't get enough done
over the weekend... "get going girl"... day!

Only 14 days of summer left!
Really hard to believe.
The getting up so early will be our doozie!
How are you feeling about school starting?

Would you believe the principal road his bike
around the neighborhood to hand out
open house invites & supply lists!
He actually comes to your house!
Needless to say... very cool!

So... here's to a fresh new week!

So much to do... AND so much to enjoy!


HipMomma said...

Cool principal. What a way to make a great impression.

Summer is just zooming by. And the waking up will be hard around here, too. I tried to get the older one up at 7 to get donuts this morning and she wouldn't budge. Even with the thought of donuts!

Simply Me... said...

Yes I agree! Monday sometimes is hard, lots of catching up to do! I'm cleaning my own house today, I have a busy week ahead of me!Glad to see you this morning and I'm sure to see you soon...


Christine said...

She's super cute! What a great idea to capture her pictures. hmmm in the eyes of a child, so amazing!

LOL... what a great way for the principal to get known and show that they can be fun!

ahhhh... school starting. We have so much to complete before school, God help us!

Here's to an amazing new day, may today and this week be filled with completion of tasks, crossing off of your lists, may it be filled with huge blessings, lots of laughter, lots of sweet quite "oh my" moments and may it be filled with a ton of love... and coffee just because too!

Dancing Queen said...

am i ready for summer to be over??? no, no, NO!!! i love having all the babies home & being on a laid back schedule...setting that alarm clock will be very PAINFUL!!!

Amy said...

Very cool principal! I love it!

cute pictures...and by the way, I LOVE your black ceiling...how daring and bold and I love it! I'm so afraid to do a black solid stripe in my bathroom wall...

MamaMia said...

Boo hoo to summer quickly approaching its end!

Very impressed with the door to door principal visit.

Here's to catch up Mondays.

Gini said...

Just getting back from CA and my Monday is the same. Happy Day and here's to getting it all done...yeah...right!

Melissa Ellen said...

oh my gosh! they are so funny - and those little girl feet are soooo cute! HAHAHA - I have the hugest grin friend.

I long to meet you all in person. I think it would lift my heart!

:)love and squeezes to the entire den