like a noodle

yesterday i mentioned that i was
doing something out of my comfort zone.

yall are really gonna think i'm nuts now!

like i said...
it was NOTHING by any means
crazy... unusual...

for ME this is BIG!
i thought i was going to vomit!

i joined a flipping gym!

but not only did i join a gym...
i hired a super cute... ultra fit...
sure to kick my butt... personal trainer!

i know you are thinking L-O-S-E-R...
what is the big deal?
i DON'T do gyms...
i mean gyms make me nervous!
i am the type of person that has a
hard time going for a walk in the
neighborhood... THAT embarrasses me!
Like everyone is lurking through their windows
to see this out of shape chick stubble down
the street... RIGHT! pleeeease!
i KNOW that is NOT the case!
i SO know that!

yesterday was my first meeting...
i thought i was going to PASS OUT...
serious as can be!

Just walking IN the place nearly
sent me in a panic attack!
I really have no idea what it is...
where this comes from.

all i know... i have committed myself...
forked over the cash-ola...
to train with her three times a week
for three months...
i BETTER do it!

this is something i would NEVER do!

but as they say... desperate times
call for desperate measures...
and my butt is dEsPeRatE!
this move... yah... i'm blaming it on
the move :)... has put ten pounds where
ten pounds can NOT be!
and frankly i just don't FEEL good about
myself at all!

so even though i could barely PUSH
the door open leaving the gym yesterday...
i WILL go back!
i HAVE to!
i have let everything come before me
and what i need... the buck STARTS here!
this will be the FIRST of many...
stepping out of my comfort zone...
things i tackle!
i think it will help me be a better
mama & wife... because i will FEEL
so much better about ME!

So... no... not a big deal... not big news...
BuT for me a BIG step!

oh... btw... look at what hubby
brought home for me after a business dinner
see... desperate!



Gini said...

I knew it! I just knew it! Congrats, join the club, you are going to do great, and I can't wait to hear how its going. You know all about my journey, and now I get to hear about yours. I am so excited for you. I know what this has done for me mentally, even though it needs to be doing something for me physically - but it all comes in time.

C said...

you earned that dessert already!! :) and you are a better woman than me I would never join a gym...I was lucky if I could make myself go to the free rec center. :)

Jenn said...

I'm SO excited for you Carissa! I joined a gym for the 1st time EVER when I was in NY. I was soo freakin' out nervous. I am NOT a gym kinda gal. Well...I loved it and I miss it so much. I miss my skinny butt even more;)

Here's to gettin' in shape and taking care of YOU!! yay!!!


Leah S. said...

HAHA...I'm so glad that I am not the only person that is embarrased to take a walk around the neighborhood! I was the same way about the gym...but then my wonderful husband got me a trainer (a friend of his...even more embarrassing) and now I feel much more confident on my own. I hope you enjoy it... you will be one of the cool people at the gym that actually know how to work out! I agree that it will be a blessing to your family too!

Krista said...

yea for you! i think it's awesome....the gym saved my life when we moved last year....really i'm pretty sure it did.

watch out tho, next thing you know you'll be signing up for triathlons! ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL.....i'm w/ Krista on that one! I started a year and a half ago w/ a personal trainer...yea me! I didn't have to go to a gym, my trainer had his own hole in the wall facility. It worked! I lost 42 pounds and am now training for a half marathon!

You will love it and love yourself for it!

Good luck and keep us updated!

By the way......get measured, you will be glad you did!!!!!

Happiness to you!

CourtneyP said...

I am with you, I am so uncoordianted I laugh at myself trying to work out. Be happy with yourself.... you can do it and you deserve to take care of you. You also deserve to eat a treat as yummy as that!!!

katie said...

way to go!

triathlons saved my life when i moved:)

Cheryl said...

O.M.Gosh I sooo know what your saying, I was the same way. Although I don't have to pay for a gym membership (our military facilities are free for spouces), I was sooo afraid of them. But it came down to being depressed that I am 30+ pounds overweight or get my butt up and just do it. Once I started I was sooo flipping proud of myself. Even though I haven't been in a couple of weeks, I love to say...see ya, I'm going to the gym now! I started off at 3 days and now I do 5...well mostly! So proud of you! Yay!!

Amy said...

Is that cheesecake factory? Oh how yummy!!

I'm so proud of you! Way to go for doing this for YOURSELF! yay for you!

If we lived closer I'd invite you over for a yummy garden salad...with maybe a chocolate chip cookie on the side to nibble on...A girl's gotta have chocolate!

Keep it up!! You'll feel great!

Carmen said...

Carissa, are you kidding me? No a big deal???? Thas IS big! HUGE! Way to go!!!! You rock!



HipMomma said...

Good for you!! Sometimes being in the gym with all those people is just enough motivation to keep you going. Cuz you don't want that fancy pants next to you whose is doing all the fancy flipping turns and twists on the step see you fall on your butt. Man that girl was really showing off today. I could barely do step up, step down, kick. Anyways, walk on rock on, you soon to be hard body.

Honorary Indian said...

Are you kidding me? Loser?! YOU?! I think not.

Even before pounds start melting away you will feel differently. You will have more energy. You will sleep more soundly. You will feel more invincible and stronger.

Hooray for you conquering your fears! And, girl, we've ALL got fears. Different fears maybe...but we've all got 'em.

Yes, it's a big step, and one worth celebrating!

Lovin' Life said...

Frickin' hilarious! About the desert, I mean! That is just my luck too! When I start watching what I eat, we buy a camper and a camper full of snacks to go with it. And believe me... where there are good snacks, I have NO self control whatsoever!

Anyway.... about the gym: YOU GO GIRL! GOOD FOR YOU! HIP HIP HOORAY! Lose some for me - I've definitely got some misplaced pounds as well! Why can't they ever go to my flat chest? Ha!


cjs said...

you're awesome!

I run and love how strong it makes me feel...now I'm inspired to kick it up a notch!

Christine said...

Carissa... Thats so stinkin awesome! I'm so proud of you. Thats a HUGE deal! Gosh I so need to follow those foot steps. Nothing like having someone push you, support you and be there to help you get up and keep going. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! hmmmmmm that cake looks amazing. mmmMMMmm

Hope you are having a super duper friday!

:) xoxo

Trish said...

I look at my kids and their young lives are filled with many firsts and stepping out of their comfort zones a LOT and they grow so much from those experiences, so I'm on this kick that I need to do the same if I want to grow as a person. I can't keep complaining and not do anything about it -- not just my physical self, but mental too. I started yoga at a studio -- VERY scary for me. It's awful, but paying the money is a motivater for me, because if I don't go it's like I flushed the cash down the toilet.

meg duerksen said...

i am jealous.
i want to do that so bad.
and maybe now that you did...i will.
my own routine isn't working. (maybe thats' because i have no workout routine right now.)


Melissa Ellen said...

I get nervous at the gym too! i'm desperate too. 10 pounds in places they don't need to be from none other than STRESS. my hubby brings home delectable treats too. EVIL EVIL male metabolism!

You go girl though. You're a super woman and I've seen the artwork to prove it. Keep me updated on how its going. I need to have a get fit buddy and you're the perfect one!