umm... excuse miss thing... "it's time for ice cream!"...


Gypsy at Heart said...

Carissa, don't you think children are so innately graceful? Look at your little girl's beautifully pointed feet. I used to work so hard at a later age to get them just so during my ballet classes. Your little girl is a natural. What kind of ice cream?
Do I get some too?

SoFee said...

Yes, these girls NEED to be in ballet. The pictures alone are worth the time/effort in getting them there.

I think she's looking for Blue Bell :)

cjs said...

oh, I am so glad you like my blog!

I'm flattered, especially after seeing YOUR blog!

I'm also a fan of the nooma series! Have you read Velvet Elvis?

thanks so much for commenting!

Kate of All Trades said...

Gotta admire how she extends down through the tips of her tippy tippy toes!