way back... wednesday

me after a BIG spaghetti dinner!

Frankly... I LIKE that there was a place on the back of the polaroid to put all the photo's information. That was clever!

With all the digital advances we have today... I have been round & round about which way to go... store... keep... archive all our photos! I can not get away from still wanting an actual copy of the picture I can hold in my hands... touch & share! Even though I toot around digitally with our photos... store them externally... I still have prints made of all the pictures. Now... as I say that I have quite a ways to catch up on having prints made... lots of pictures!

Given all the wonderful... really super digital programs and such... do you still find it a bit confusing... the preserving aspect... the having tangible copies... the what if the hard drive has a snafu? Or am I the only looloo one?

So... today is Wacky Wednesday at school... that means there is NO school! We wacky gals are headed out for haircuts... a little lunch... and a walk down main street! Might have to pop into one or two of the cute shops!
So... here's to a wonderfully wacky-woo kind of day!


CourtneyP said...

I am the same way with photos. I love holding them , it feels like you can grab onto a moment in time when as a mom we have such a hard time letting them pass by.

Keep printing them.

I still like old fashioned letter writing, now that has really become a thing of the past.

megduerksen.typepad.com said...

that is a cute picture!
i was very stubborn about digital photography when it first became popular. the pictures were such bad quality compared to film. but now it's changed for the most part and the SLR cameras are great. i enjoy having the instant gratification of digital photos but get very excited to get a big stack of photos in the mail.
which reminds me...i am way behind too.
(like 600 pictures at least)
did you get all your stuff done like cinderella?

Scrappy Jessi said...

hope you have a fab wacky wed!
love the wallpaper from the 70's. very cute pic of you!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

that wallpaper IS way hip... for then!

i did get quite a bit done yesterday... some of the mess has re-surfaced... of course!
as hard as i tried to channel Cinderella i still looked like a mom in her sweats! oh well

Honorary Indian said...

Oh, I can relate to wanting a hard copy of my pictures to touch and feel. I, too, am behind, though, in ordering all the pictures I've taken digitally. One day...I will be caught up on my scrap booking. One day...

Love your spaghetti pic! :)

Mrs. Jones said...

I am completely looloo over what to do with all the pictures. I have piles of prints, and now they're all over my computer and cd's, too. If you figure it out, please let me know.


Melissa said...

HAHAHA, love the wall paper and the spag. belly :)