there's a mouse in the sugar

Snow day outside means warm tea inside! The snow is melting fast... just in time for a chance for more tomorrow. Personally... I love it! I'm all for the snow falling... Spring will be here I just like the idea of having seasons. Houston (oh my love) was never a place to see such a change. It should be fun and good for the girls to enjoy it while we're here.

Back to school today & back to getting busy. It's so strange... I am a big perfectionist but I am a big procrastinator too! There has been folded laundry on the sofa table since Saturday... hello!!!!!... do you other people in the house know where your clothes go! Throw mama a bone!

I'll be catching up on many things today. The great... glorious thing... wonderful thing... I am feeling MUCH better! The dizziness is almost completely out of here. Thank you Lord for good health... thank you for a fresh new day!

Here's to a terrific... toe tapping good Tuesday!


Scrappy Jessi said...

i second that sister!
i love these little mice! so sweet!
have a great week

Melissa said...

Those are cute - and I hate mice!

I like seasons too - winter is my least favorite! I wish it were only 2 weeks long and those 2 weeks were Christmas!

Hey...you made me realize something about myself. I'm kinda a procrastinator too and I'm also a perfectionist....That's weird, huh?

CourtneyP said...

I am glad you are feeling better. It is the same in my house....when Moms stop moving so does the life of the house.

SoFee said...

Those teeth are SO cute. Any more visits from the Tooth Fairy since I was there?

No wonder ya'll eat so much soup!

shabbyjuls said...

Ahh those are sooo cuuute. And the laundry, don't feel so bad, that happens around here all the time:)

Gypsy at Heart said...

Adorable. I wouldn't mind seeing mice like this in my house.