pigtails & progress...

Precious little stinker! It is ten a.m. here and miss thing has already changed clothes three times! On one hand it makes me nuts... on the other it is kind of cute! Three and all about her look!

So... I let all the mess pile up yesterday (oh how I'm thinking today "what was I thinking") so I could have some fun in the 'ol studio/my space! I will finally be making "happy" with the shop! I miss... like a crazy woman... just creating! The outlet is good for the spirit!

Anywho... I will be able to add some delights (atleast I think they are) to the shop in the next couple of days. Yeah!

As for today! I actually have a haircut appointment! I'll be hopping over to the local Aveda salon and making "happy" with my hair! Yeah!

Here's to a... smile BIG & see how many frowns you can turn upside down... kind of day! It's catchy! :)


Jessica said...

have i told you how gorgeous your stuff is????

HipMomma said...

I'm gonna have to look into your stuff cuz it's all just beautiful.

I, too, have a hair appt. this evening at an Aveda salon. I am sooooo looking forward to it. Sick kids, two weeks... I'm so ready for me time. Hope you had a great visit.

Scrappy Jessi said...

aahh what a little sweetie. she is a girl after my own heart!
good luck with your hair. i love aveda stuff!

SoFee said...

Oh, you sound super! A good hair day (or looking forward to a good hair day) does wonder for the spirit!

I have a feeling you probably changed clothes just as much by 9am when you were 4!!!! Poor Becky
Have a great day - what a husband!

Melissa said...

It is good for the soul! I love your creations.

Too cute with those pig tails! I don't know how you stand having such adorable children! I'd have to sit and watch them all day :)

My cousin's name is Tracy! You were right!

I've been working until midnight and later all week so I just wanted to stop by and say HI!

:) Do you have one of those cross belt buckles anymore? I wanna buy one and I didn't see it on the webpage when I looked.